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Last Updated on January 20, 2020 by TM

It is no longer news that Infinix is work on a budget smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera. The rumor has been on since like December, 2019. Wondering if it’s true? Yes! It’s coming.

So if you are just hearing about this for the very first time, I will say you are right on time. At least, you can immediately restructure your plans for a new smartphone in 2020.

Rather than just going straight to an offline or online store to upgrade/buy a new phone, I will suggest you hold that cash a little bit. If not for any reason, a pop-up selfie is enough reason.

But before this smartphone gets launched official, let me share my insight, expectations and the big question that still have no real answer yet.

The Real Heat!

Having heard that Infinix is set to launch a smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera, we probably should expect to see a full display with no notch at the top.

We also expecting to see it come in a compactible size too. The battery, camera and storage configuration may likely receive an upgrade but am not suggesting we bet on that yet.

The Big Question

You guessed it…. Hmm! the name.
Infinix didn’t say anything about the name yet but rumor has it that it is going to called the S6, S5 Pro or Hot 9. Hmmm!

In my own opinion, I think it is going to be either called the S6 or S5 Pro. The chances of Infinix Calling it Hot 9 is very slim.

Asking why? Here is what I have to say.
If you are very familiar with Infinix smartphones or maybe you have been following every single Infinix launch for the past two years, you will notice one thing.

Infinix have consistently showered heavy love on her S series. A good number of some new generation features have always showed up in the S series first before heading out to other variants.

So expect to see the name “S6”. Yeah S6, that’s what I think it will be called.

The Benefit for all

When this smartphone successfully launch in Asia and African market, it is first of all going to be history for Infinix since this is her first smartphone to have a pop-up selfie camera.

This also means that this particular smartphone is definitely going to be one of the first pop-up selfie camera smartphones you can buy on a budget but then, there is one thing we must deal with.

“The durability rate of the pop-up selfie camera.”

That is, how long can the motorized selfie camera fire up and down during the entire life time of this particular smartphone?

I know pretty well that this particular launch is enough to get many of us excited but we still would love to get some kind of guarantee on this one.

This is something Infinix really needs to pay close attention to. Trust me, you don’t want to buy a smartphone that can’t take selfies for a short while. So Infinix, please give us something standard.

Wrap up

Let me ask you; do you still want to buy that smartphone or you will wait for this one?😆

2020 just started and it’s already getting interesting in the smartphone industry particularly the budget market. Am starting to feel excited about this upcoming launch, I believe you are excited too.

I am also looking forward to seeing Tecno and Itel and other brands launch similar smartphone with Pop-up selfie camera. It is going to be a whole lot interesting. Life they say is like a box of chocolates because you never know when you might find. 😊

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