Tesla is facing a lawsuit from 25 California counties over hazardous waste


Last Updated on February 1, 2024 by TM

Tesla is currently dealing with a lawsuit from 25 California counties, which claim that the company mishandled hazardous waste at its facilities across the state. The complaint was filed in San Joaquin County Superior Court after negotiations reportedly failed. The lawsuit is seeking civil penalties and an injunction to make Tesla handle waste correctly. Civil penalties could go up to $70,000 per violation per day, as reported by Reuters.

Counties like Los Angeles and San Francisco are accusing Tesla of incorrectly labeling and disposing of materials at transfer stations or landfills that are not allowed to accept hazardous waste. The listed waste materials include various substances like oils, batteries, aerosols, and more. The complaint points out that Tesla is allegedly continuing these improper practices at its facilities.

In a 2022 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Tesla disclosed that it was under investigation by California district attorneys regarding its waste management. At that time, Tesla claimed to have taken corrective actions, such as training, audits, and improvements to its waste management programs. In October 2023, Tesla stated that it was in settlement talks with District Attorneys in California, but these talks did not lead to an agreement.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has faced legal issues related to waste management. In 2019, the company settled with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over federal hazardous materials violations. As part of the settlement, Tesla committed to proper waste management at its Fremont plant and paid a $31,000 fine.

In summary, Tesla is facing a serious legal challenge from multiple California counties over alleged mishandling of hazardous waste. The lawsuit seeks significant penalties, and Tesla’s previous attempts at settlement talks have not been successful. This situation adds to Tesla’s history of legal issues related to waste management practices

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