Tecno T901 – A Small WhatsApp Phone


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Meet the T901, the first Tecno smart feature phone to run on Kai Operating System which is currently the new emerging OS in the Industry.

For those who don’t know anything about KaiOS, you can read up my post on that. It’s a whole new concept. Just click here to begin.

If you go through the title of this article, you can clearly see me describing the Tecno T901 as the small WhatsApp phone. Yes! This is the smallest feature phone that can WhatsApp in Nigeria.

Let me take you back to history. In past few years, when WhatsApp newly started, a good number of people in Nigeria could not afford to buy android smartphones.

If I could remember clearly, it was only Samsung, HTC and some other big names that were trending as at that time before Tecno later joined the scene.

Back then, only a few variant of Java phones like the Nokia X2 could do WhatsApp. When Tecno started producing cheap android smartphone, many saw the need to upgrade their digital life for good.

Since then, we hardly see anyone use a feature phone to do WhatsApp until Tecno recently revived that life by making digital life affordable for many with the release of her T901.

The Tecno T901 is a 3G smart feature phone that can do WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There are also other exciting feature to explore on this phone.

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Tecno T901 Key features

Display size: 2.4inch 
Resolution: 240 x 320p 
Dimension: 125 x 56 x 10.4mm
Rear camera: 1.3MP
Front camera: 0.3MP
Sim-slot: Dual (normal + micro)
Network: 3G
RAM: 256MB
ROM: 512MB
weight: 91gram

Tecno T901 Price in Nigeria

The Tecno T901 is available in Nigeria, it comes in gold, blue and black colors, it can be bought in online and offline stores in Nigeria. The Tecno T901 is selling at a very affordable price in Nigeria.

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The design of the Tecno T901 is very simplistic to the core, one can clearly see how basic a smart feature phone can be. It is very portable and easy to carry.

There is no side buttons that we are used to clicking on android phones in Nigeria. This is because the Tecno T901 comes with a physical buttons that is below the display.

At the top is a micro USB port. Weird placement I will say!

The bottom only got a few placement: a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microphone.

There are up to 2 sim slot on the Tecno T901. One is normal, the other is micro.


The display on the Tecno T901 might not impress you a lot especially if you are coming from the smartphone world. Just have it in mind that the display on this device is Okay in her class.

On the Tecno T901 is a decent 2.4 inch display that is very okay for a smart feature phone like this. The display boost a 240 x 320p resolution which suite her size.

You can use it to watch YouTube videos, movies and consume other web content in Nigeria. You will also enjoy the privilege of low data consumption when browsing.


The Tecno T901 comes with a camera that is not the best deal for photography but at least you have a camera that comes with a flash to support.

There are two cameras on the Tecno T901; the first is a 0.3MP front-facing camera. Should I call this a selfie camera? Absolutely NO! The second is a 1.3MP main camera at the back.


Since the Tecno T901 doesn’t have a very wide display, it was best to slice in a battery size that suite her 2.4inch display and serve pretty good.

The Tecno T901 comes with a removable 1900mAh battery that is long-lasting. The battery can handle up to 25 days of standby time and 19 hours of calls in Nigeria.

Software & Spec

The Tecno T901 comes with Kai Operating System. Like I earlier said, it can do WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Other social media platform are expected to join on a later date.

The Tecno T901 also have Google Map and Assistant. You can make voice command with Google assistant. There is also a Kai store that lets you download web apps on KaiOS platform.

On the Tecno T901, you will find a 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM. There is also room for expandability via micro SD card up to 32GB. GPS and Wi-Fi are 100% available too.

I also must not forget to let you know that the Tecno T901 is not slow at all, navigating around process fast as compared to what you will expect to see on most feature phones in Nigeria.

My thoughts

We have seen how amazing technology can be with KaiOS. This Operating System have given us the opportunity to enjoy digital life at an incredibly low price.

Considering the simplistic nature and easy to carry weight of the Tecno T901 in Nigeria, it will be more convenient to buy it as your second phone since it allows you to access social media on the go.

You know, android smartphone are usually not convenient to carry around because of her continuous increasing size that never fits into your pocket in Nigeria.

Aside social media, one big feature that got me excited with this very smartphone was 3G network which automatically means fast internet speed on a smart feature phone with low data consumption.

The Tecno T901 is definitely going to solve a big problem in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. With the unveiling of this device, I look forward to seeing the number of internet users increase in Nigeria.

23 thoughts on “Tecno T901 – A Small WhatsApp Phone”

  1. Can it store up to 3,000 contacts?
    IAM seriously in need of a small phone of this nature that can take 3k+ contact.

      1. No it doesnt support opera mini and its not found in the kaios store and also it does not have a blacklist option for block calls

    1. Thanks for this blog post. I recently came across tecno T902 which is 4G lite which I think it’s incredible. Can you do a post on that as well?
      Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Micheal,

      The Tecno T901 is currently out of stock, we highly recommend you buy the T902 which is her current successor

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