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Tecno did unfold a lower variant called the Spark 4 Air which does appear in a smaller size. It is also less expensive and more affordable than the bigger one – the Spark 4.

The Tecno Spark 4 Air is an entry-level budget smartphone that was specifically designed for those who don’t really need much from an android phone in Nigeria.

This is a reasonable Tech piece to lay your hands on if you think buying a Tecno smartphone shouldn’t cost so much but be rest assured that you are not getting a big cut out.

Tecno was able to implement some smart features to make the Spark 4 Air a device to enjoyable. There are also some punch of mid-range features to tryout when you buy this smartphone in Nigeria.

Key features

Display-size: 6.1 inch HD+ 
Resolution: 720 x 1560p 
Dimension: 156.1 x 75 x 9.2mm 
Front Camera: 5MP 
Rear Camera: 13MP Dual
OS: Android 9.0 Pie 
ROM: 16GB 
Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core 
Fingerprint scanner: Yes 
Face Unlock 2.0: Yes
Network: 4G LTE

Availability & Price

The Tecno Spark 4 Air will come in two great colors: Nebula Black and Royal Purple. The Tecno Spark 4 Air is available in online and offline stores in Nigeria. Price start at 32,500 naira.

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The Tecno Spark 4 Air also received the same tear drop notch that is trending on most budget devices in Nigeria. From top to bottom, you can clearly see how uniform this is.

The design of the Tecno Spark 4 Air is not different from what we saw on other budget smartphones in her class. The placements are the same and the camera set up looks familiar.

The only difference here is the front-facing flash light that is placed at the top. It is just some meters away from the tear drop notch. It appears a little bit Isolated but her functions doesn’t change either.

The Tecno Spark 4 Air does feel thick and solid in the hand. It is very portable and easy to grab considering her 156.1 x 75 x 9.2mm dimension which makes it very convenient to carry about in Nigeria.


The Tecno Spark 4 Air comes with a 6.1 inch HD+ tear drop notch display that rocks a 720 x 1560p resolution which is very commendable to see on a budget device like this in Nigeria.

With this rating, your viewing experience is not going to be disappointing. You are sure of getting a decent amount of display quality when watching movies and playing games in Nigeria.

That’s not all, you will also enjoy a reasonable amount of screen ratio on the 6.1 inch display. The display has true cinematic view and is large enough to accommodate more contents with less scrolling.


When it comes to camera, the Tecno Spark 4 Air was reinvented a little bit. In front, you will notice the 5MP front-facing camera which is accompanied by a flash that is close to the left corner at the top.

In an era where many smartphone manufacturers are battling with the perfect position for a front-facing flash on a tear drop notch display, some even went as far as taking it out entirely.

But Tecno still felt it was convenient to try something new on a budget. Plus, the fact that majority of her budget users in Nigeria prefer to use a front-facing flash on the selfie camera rather than some sort of new AI Techniques.🤔

The 5MP front-facing camera when supported with a flash will take more quality selfies and even help you do some recordings of unforgettable moments as you journey through life.

At the back of the Tecno Spark 4 Air, you will find two rear 13MP main cameras with dual flash and an f/1.8 aperture which is big enough to enhance the brightness and clarity of your photos.

Battery Life

Knowing pretty well that the Spark series isn’t a big battery line-up, we weren’t expecting too much from the Tecno Spark 4 Air but we ended up seeing a 3000mAh battery size on this device.

Honestly, the battery capacity on the Tecno Spark 4 air is kinda surprising, Yes! We weren’t expecting something that heavy but no one ever imagined it will be pocket-size.

This may likely be a deal breaker for some persons in Nigeria but I think Tecno deliberately did it to make the Spark 4 Air feel kind of light even on a solid body.

However, the battery is perfectly okay for a single day of active use. If it must serve you through the next day, ensure you use it moderately.

Software & Spec

The Tecno spark 4 Air comes with Android 9.0 Pie OS that is based on HIOS 5.5 UI which comes with a very simple and flexible interface with some nice gestures to explore. It runs on a 2.0GHz quad-core CPU.

There is also a 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM on this device. You can do yourself a favor by getting a microSD card for more expandability and better access to more storage.

Security features & More

On the Tecno Spark 4 Air, there are two main security features: Fingerprint scanner and an upgraded face unlock 2.0 which is more secure and faster than her previous gen.

The face unlock 2.0 have what we call “close eye detection” that let you know unlock the Tecno Spark 4 Air even when your eyes are close.

There are also some good amount of notable sensors on the Tecno Spark 4 Air. In here, you will find a G-sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor and an electronic compass.

My Thoughts

We have seen the S15 from Itel, the X2 from Gionee and now the Spark 4 Air from Tecno that is likely going to make a name for itself.

They all have similar features in common but there is one distinctive feature that set the Spark 4 Air apart from the rest of them. And that is the front-facing flash.

The front-facing flashlight is one of a kind. It was placed on the left side at the top. The is the first budget smartphone I am seeing with this type of upgrade in 2019 even with her tear drop notch display.

There is hardly any smartphone you will see this feature on in Nigeria. A tear drop notch with a physical flash is not something that is easy to come across.

Some of you may like it, others may not.
To wrap this up, I will say the Tecno Spark 4 Air is perfectly okay for individuals who wants to have an incredible feel of a tear drop notch display on a budget and still hold on to the flash in front.😊

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