Tecno HIOS 6.0 UI Top features Explained


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In every best selling smartphone, there is always an excellent software taking care of business behind scene. No wonder we love smartphones.

A smartphone without great user experience with software have no position on the chart. There is hardly a way it will ship into millions hands.

Hence, there is need for timely updates to keep users rising and unending needs satisfying by a good amount if not 100%.

Tecno Mobile released the HIOS 6 User Interface on April, 2020 to help tackle significant amount of general issues most users experience with their Tecno Phones.

We are more than glad to see gamers get favorable response to an issue that have been lingering for some time now. To address that, Tecno’s HIOS team tweeted:

“HiOS 6.0 solves the biggest problems most mobile gamers encounter with Pop-up messages. Now when you receive messages when playing games, a snippet of the message will slide across your screen giving you a brief view of the message without interrupting your game in any way.”

Happy uh!

That not all, there is more to that. Infact, am just getting started 😊

Tecno HIOS 6 Top features

1.Dark Theme

This is the number feature Tecno users had ever wanted ever since we first heard of eye strain – An eye defect that occur as a result of looking at your smartphone screen for too long.

In this modern age, It is hard to shy away from eye strain. The dark theme introduced on the Tecno HIOS 6 User Interface helps to mitigate that. Plus, it also helps to extend battery life too.

2. WhatsApp Flashlight Calls

If you are tired of missing WhatsApp calls, getting a visible notification lights turn-on on your smartphone will help notify you when there is an incoming WhatsApp call so you won’t miss anymore.

3. Wifi share

Wifi share gives you a very easy alternative to share your WiFi via a QR code. To get connected, all you need to do is scan the code. It’s that simple.
To do activate, head to Settings > Network & internet > WiFi and click on the connected WIFI name. After scanning the QR code ,you can start surfing the web.

4. Magic Button

Have you ever at some point imagine your volume button acts as your gaming button? You know, fire at your opponents really quick and put the enemy to rest. With Magic button, you are on another level.

Just like the name implies, it’s pretty much the same. Magic button helps you become more effectivev while gaming. Instead of tapping your screen, you can just reach out to your button.

5. Pop-up Messages

Pop-up notifications can be okay on the background but not in a gaming environment. With the release of the Tecno HIOS 6.0 UI, that is now a thing of the past. You can now enjoy full gaming experience with no disturbance of any kind. Holla!

6. Off-screen gaming

Off-screen gaming is another standard feature that is aim at eliminating all kinds of interruptions you haven’t taken into consideration for some time now.

“Never Game off until you say no”. That’s a strong word FAM. Introducing off-screen gaming, an innovative feature that help you save more battery and data while gaming.

I guess you have forgotten what actually drains your battery during gaming. Well, off-screen gaming just took care of that.

7. Gesture Navigation

Gesture Navigation is a new navigation mode that allows you easily navigate back to the home screen. It has a new gesture-based option that gives your more immersive switching experience.

Just sit back, relax and dive around with a quick left or right swipe that will take you back to your previous menu. A quick swipe up from the bottom of the phone screen will take you back to your home screen.

8. WhatsApp Status Rescuer

No more 24 hours limit for WhatsApp status anymore. Now you are in control with a Status Rescuer that helps you preserve WhatsApp status for as long as you want on the Tecno HIOS 6 UI environment.

9. Parental Control

Tecno Mobile is dedicated to Protecting your child with HIOS 6 UI. You can now do proper monitoring and track your child’s online activity with ease. You can also restrict what content and how long your child can play. To activate, simply turn on parental control on setting.

10. Gesture call picker

Do Air Receive / Reject -Call without placing a finger on your smartphone with gesture call picker. Simple initiate a V gesture to answer the phone and Palm gesture to reject the calls.

11. Instant USSD

HIOS 6 delivers all USSD codes from your mobile operators in one second. To get any USSD code like *556#, simple press the * button in the search contacts bar and you are there. It is supported in all Tecno target markets including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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