Tecno HIOS 5 UI Top New Features Explained


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Tecno in her recent smartphone release on the 5th day of September, 2019. Introduced a new HIOS 5 User Interface to compliment her new range of smartphones.

You know, It is very important to understand how Tecno’s HIOS 5 User Interface works if not for any reason other than to get value for money.

The HIOS 5 User Interface is now more interactive and User friendly. So finding your way around shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The most important thing is to know what your smartphone is capable of doing.

Below are the top new features of the Tecno HIOS 5 User Interface

1. Zeroboard

Zeroboard let’s you integrate all your most-used apps in daily life together. The apps that stays in here are apps you use everyday.

With Zeroboard, you are more organized than ever. There is no need to start diving around looking for the daily essential apps you need anymore.

There is also nothing to forget either, you have everything in one spot. Zeroboard can also help you scan, pay or order for Uber at a glance.

2. Smart Panel

Smart panel works almost like Zeroboard except that it is different a little bit.
Smart panel not only give you the platform to access all your favorite and most-used features, it also allows you to use localized services.

That’s not all, did you know that you can capture all the beautiful moments by taking a selfie via smart panel with only 2 steps.

You can also open the scan & pay from smart panel with only 2 steps. So scan and go like a breeze.

One good thing I love about Smart panel is her uniform level of flexibility in any environment.

What I simply mean here is that you can access smart Panel from any screens on your Tecno smartdevice.

3. Recharge King

Recharge King makes recharge fast, easy and convenient. There is no need to start dialing codes you can hardly remember.

Just head straight to Recharge King and load your airtime. It is that simple.

To activate this feature, simply open the Recharge King app and select the sim card you want to recharge with, scan the digital code and you are done.

4.Data Switcher

HiOS 5.5 UI now gives you an easy access to activate the SIM card you want to use for your data with a new feature called Data Switcher.

So there is no need to go through your settings just because you want to choose your preferred network for data.

That’s simply a long and stressful process since you can now achieve that with Just a drag on the notification bar at the top.

5.Privacy Protection

With HIOS 5.0, you are in full control. When your smartphone is running an App that is making use of a microphone you are not aware of, HiOS 5.0 will notify you about this immediately.

6. Bike Mode

The Bike mode makes riding on a motorcycle enjoyable by automatically rejecting all incoming calls that is coming to your Tecno smartphone.

It does a simple job of sending a polite message to the caller so that you can continue your safer and joyful riding experience.

7.Fingerprint Reset Password

The HiOS 5.0 UI now have a Fingerprint Reset Password option that helps you solves your password blackout/memory loss within few seconds.

8.Increasing Incoming Ringtone

Increasing Incoming Ringtone makes sure you don’t miss any important calls without any disturbing noise.

You are literally going to hear a sound when a single call comes in.

9. Intelligent Notification Management

The HIOS 5.0 comes with an Intelligent Notification Management system that recognizes all sorts of spam messages.

It also help you to groups notifications by category including punch of irrelevant notifications.

10.AI Read Mode

According to the background environment, the AI Read Mode adjusts the screen brightness and color temperature to make the screen appear okay for the eye.

To activate the AI read mode feature, simply press one key to start an immersive reading environment and then sit back and enjoy.

11.AI Video Beauty

The AI Video Beauty is best at making you look younger, brighter, fresher and lovely in video chats without applying a single make up on your face.

12.Intelligent Voice Broadcast

The Intelligent Voice Broadcast will provide you with the following services like Weather forecast, schedule reminder, call & message broadcast, social media broadcast, date reminder and other voice assistant broadcast messages you want your smartphone to do for you.

13.Smart Photo Cleanup

With HIOS 5.0 UI, Only one step is required in saving the awesome photo and decisive moments on your Tecno smartphone.

The Tecno HIOS 5.0 UI comes with an intelligent Smart Photo Cleanup that helps to erase junk files on dark photos, blurry photos and similar photos that have already been categorized differently.

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