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Meet the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, a cool and very peculiar piece of Tech taking sound quality and control to a new ground. As I speak, the way you experience sound is about to change the moment you attach this to your ear.

Okay! Enough of the grammar. Let me keep it 100. We are in the era of buds, the wires are gradually becoming obsolete as more and more smartphone manufacturers continue to take the headphone jacks off their new line ups.

In Nigeria, You need an earbud if not for any reason, a least for convenience. There are tons of buds available out there to get you confused. If by any means you feel too busy to explore too many options, have a look at this one.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Price in Nigeria.

At a fairly affordable price of $149, to check price in Nigeria, kindly click the button below. It comes in cosmic black, white, cloud blue, and red color options. You can also buy the BTS Edition if purple is your thing.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Top features

Sound by AKG

The Samsung Galaxy Buds plus pride herself with AKG. It offers a premium sound by AKG which is set to deliver superb dynamic range and exceptional sound accuracy with the woofer and tweeter in-house.

Selective Hearing

For the selective hearing to be super good, two things were considered here. The customizable fit and Ambient Aware. The customizable fit of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus tunes out unwanted noises for everyone.

This was only made possible as a result of the three adjustable ear and wingtip sizes that is right inside the box to ensure a comfortable fit on any ear shape or size.

The Ambient Aware on the other hand filter-in important sounds from outside. The combination of these two features automatically fill-in the gap of excuses as regards hearing.

Loud and Clear

This feature is common among premium earbuds in Nigeria. We weren’t surprised to find it here. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus does a great job when it comes to taking phone calls in noisy places. It comes with a dedicated microphone that captures your voice and separates it from the noise out there.


With the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, you get up to 11 hours of non-stop music on a single charge. Take it further by placing it inside the wireless case and get close to 11 more.

For a quick start, a three-minute charge gives you one hour of battery life. You can also use your smartphone to charge the buds the wireless way. It’s fun to share maybe sometimes.

Easy Connectivity & Compatibility

If there is anything to love about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is the fact that it is easy to connect or pair with other devices including your Galaxy smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or even with voice assistants like Bixby or Alexa. You can pair with your smart devices via Bluetooth.

Another interesting thing about these buds is Swift Pair. Swift Pair offers you an easy way to pair your Galaxy Buds Plus to your Windows 10 PCs. It is also compactable on the two major OS in Nigeria.

Either you are using an Android or IOS smartphone, the Galaxy Wearable app on Android and Galaxy Buds Plus app on iOS can help you make the most of your earbuds.

Tap to Control

For an easy move, you can pause your Spotify playlist, answer calls, and adjust the volume with a simple tap. You can even personalize touch commands and create shortcuts. Plus, the Buds are splash-resistant too just in case you are wondering.

Give your favorite BTS songs the studio-quality sound they deserve. The solid purple Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition comes with a BTS-themed lock screen and wallpaper, connection and battery animation, and 7 unique BTS photo cards.

BTS Edition

Yes! The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus has a solid purple BTS edition that enables you to give your favorite BTS songs the studio-quality sound they deserve.

The BTS Edition comes with a BTS-themed lock screen and wallpaper, connection and battery animation, and 7 unique BTS photo cards. Now tell me, what else do you want?

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