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Oneplus just rolled out her mid-range smartphone for the season. They called it the Oneplus 7T which is no doubt the next generation of Oneplus mid-range phones in Nigeria.

For those who know Oneplus very well, they are fun of gathering features you will find on most super high-end flagships and input them on their smartphones on a budget.

Instead on going for a very expensive high-end flagship in Nigeria, it might just be best to save a few bucks and enjoy world class features on a slightly expensive smartphone like the Oneplus 7T.

The Oneplus 7T holds some captivating features that are interesting and fun to use. One of such feature you will find very interesting is her 90Hz refresh rate.

Availability & Price

The OnePlus 7T cost around $599 which no doubt expensive for an average user in Nigeria. It is available in two colors options: frosted silver and Glacier Blue.

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Key features

Launch Date: September,2019
Display: 6.55inch OLED
Dimension: 160.94 x 74.44 x 8.13mm
OS: Android 10
Chipset: Snapdragon 855+
Adreno 640 GPU
Battery: 3800mAh
ROM: 128/256GB
Front camera: 16MP
Rear camera: 48MP+16MP+12MP
Network: 4G LTE                       
Weight: 190gram



The Oneplus 7T comes with a multi-layered glass design that feels more solid in the hand. In front you will notice the tiny tear drop notch which is home to the front-facing camera.

The display on the Oneplus 7T is not curved but flat to the finish. The bezels around the display are a little thicker now, this makes the OnePlus 7T feel more solid in the hand.

On the right, you will find the alert slider and our regular volume and power button. At the bottom is a USB-C port and a speaker grill that produces loud and cool sounds.

Am also not surprise to see the OnePlus 7T get a circular camera at the back. Okay! now I get it. This is starting to become the new design philosophy in the camera department.


On the OnePlus 7T is a 6.55inch OLED screen that OnePlus calls fluid display. It comes with the latest HDR 10+ technology. It is smooth, vivid and incredibly immersive.

The display has up to 1000 nits brightness that is comfortable for viewing. The display is certified by world-renowned TUV Rehinland for superior blue light reduction and viewing safety.

So you don’t have any problem setting your eyes on this screen. Also, games are more captivating, videos are more cinematic and everyday tasks are easier in a spacious 20:9 aspect ratio.

I also must not forget to let you know that the fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 7T is now Optical in nature. It is fast and flexible to use even when on the go in Nigeria.


The OnePlus 7T comes with a 16MP front-facing camera that is occupying the small notch at the top. So take selfies as you want but make sure you don’t get stained Okay!.

At the back of the OnePlus 7T are 3 awesome sensors: 48MP wide-angle, 16MP ultra-wide and 12MP telephoto lens. The triple camera now have 117 degree ultra wide with 2x optical zoom.

You can now take stunning nighttime photos in Nigeria with both the main and ultra-wide camera since they work hand in hand.

You can also choose to take photos in telephoto or standard cameras. There is also a new feature called macro mode that let’s you take beautiful photos on objects placed very close to the camera.


The battery life of the OnePlus 7T have been upgraded too. The upgrade occurred in the area that have to do with improving users efficiency rather than large battery capacity.

On the OnePlus 7T is a 3800mAh that comes with a warp charge 30T which represents a pure interpretation of fast charging. You get 0% to 100% in about an hour. Can you imagine.

This is a very good feature many will be happy to see on their smartphones in Nigeria. The OnePlus 7T is presenting this to you, so buy one and start enjoying.

What if am using the OnePlus 7T to do some stuffs like gaming will it still charge fast? Absolutely Yes. It will even run smoothly.

Software & Spec

The OnePlus 7T comes with the Oxygen OS 10 on top of Android 10 which is right on time considering the 10 over 10 figure on both sides.

The Android 10 now comes with better privacy features and improved overall performance gestures that are amazing to try out by simply doing some extra swipe.

Like I said earlier, the OnePlus 7T has a 90Hz high refresh rate that is smooth like never before. This is in fact the most talked about feature of this smartphone in Nigeria.

What this means is that you can easily dive around without experiencing any form of hanging. The display is just too fast. There are only a few smartphones with 90Hz refresh rate in Nigeria. I find this feature amazing.

On the Spec sheet, you will find a Snapdragon 855 plus chipset that is offering up to 15% faster graphics rendering. The OnePlus 7T also received an 8GB RAM and 128/256GB ROM with UFS 3.0 storage.

My Thoughts

The OnePlus 7T an incredibly fast smartphone in Nigeria. It is slim, light and most importantly smooth on the inside and her cameras are amazing too.

My top two loving features on the OnePlus 7T are fast charging feature and the 90Hz refresh rate. You know, no body likes to handle a smartphone that is hanging.

OnePlus have been able to brilliantly put away some unnecessary high-end features by substituting them with the once they feel are most important to an average user.

Despite all these slashed features, the OnePlus 7T is still expensive for many in Nigeria. In the Global market, the OnePlus 7T is priced as a mid-range smartphone but hey man! We are talking six figures here.

In a world where smartphones with rich features are becoming more and more expensive, OnePlus have been able to cut down price without sacrificing much. A bit expensive – YES but worth the price.

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