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We are in an era of owning files that have continued to increase exponentially. We hardly can tell when the numbers will stop running but we sure can help ourselves by keeping them safe, preferably in the Cloud.


If you still store your files locally, I strongly recommend you learn the new culture and start using one of the Cloud storage services or better still Cloud drives as some will call it. Majority are free for beginners so clique to one.

When I say Cloud drives, I believe you understand what I am referring to? Am talking about Cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, pCloud, Yandex, Box, G Suite etc. Now you get it!

Whichever one you are using presently, there is every tendency you are likely to own multiple accounts simply because you want more free space to store more files in the cloud.

Typically, that is what every starters does until they finally exhaust all the free Cloud storage space out there and get to the point where they have to start paying to secure more storage space for more files in the cloud.

As a result, owning multiple account is inevitable at first. However, we can’t deny the fact that owning multiple accounts comes with some couple of challenges especially when you want to do Cloud data transfer.

What about logins? Oh! That’s another headache. Sometimes you will even wish you can access all your Cloud drives in one place. But guess what? I recently found a solution to that with MultCloud.


What is MultCloud?

MultCloud is a free web-based multi cloud manager that lets you access, manage and comfortably move files between cloud storage services in one place with just a single login at no cost.

MultCloud can also be described as a multiple cloud storage manager since it has the ability to accommodate many Cloud storage services in her ecosystem. It makes cloud transfer easy.

So now, the era of multiple logins are over. There is more than a million reason to be more effective and productive with MultCloud since you and I can now conveniently do cloud transfer from one Cloud Drive to another.

Aside cloud transfer, Cloud sync is also available on MultCloud. If you want to stretch your fingers a little bit, you can decide to dive into her Cloud explorer and gain easy access to your files. It works just like the Windows file explorer we are used to.

The cloud management here is amazing too, I so much like the amount of flexibility you get to enjoy when navigating the MultCloud interface. Everything here is simple and straight.

It is even more enjoyable for first timer. You need no one to show you your way around, MultCloud does provide a notification guide consistently pops up to guide you through the startup stage. Please ensure you read.

MultCloud also comes with amazing features, one of which is cloud to cloud backup. This feature lets you swiftly backup your files from one Cloud drive to another, it eliminate the stress of doing cloud file transfer the old way.

By old way, I mean the traditional way we are used to doing cloud backup where you have to first download your files locally from Cloud drive A before uploading to Cloud drive B. This method has become obsolete with MultCloud.

Another interesting feature available on MultCloud is cloud file sync which grants you convenient access to sync files or folder between cloud drives.

MultCloud supports more than 30 cloud storage services, so there is hardly a way you will check and not see or be able to identify the Cloud storage service(s) you are using.

Users Privacy & Security

As sweet as MultCloud taste, it is very important we know about our privacy and security here. I guess some of you are asking to find out already.

Here is what MultCloud has to say….

MultCloud is safe to use. When users transfer their files via MultCloud, it will not store any of their data, you will basically consider MultCloud as a channel, it downloads user’s files directly to the target server.

Also, it does use three methods to ensure the safety of their account and data.

(1). 256-bit encryption is applied to data transmission.

(2). The authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third-party applications to build up a connection to cloud services without username and password required.

(3). Their data and files will not be stored on the MultCloud server. They’ll be still kept in the original cloud drives. MultCloud can only be allowed to access your cloud drive account with your own permission.

So if you are curious and are very much interested in learning more about this cloud storage manager called MultCloud, visit You will be stunned at the kind of features you will find in there.

Final Thoughts

I just can’t hide my feelings, this spectacular Cloud file manager have gone a long way in solving one of the biggest problem we all go true often when trying to keep file safe and organize during work hours.

Information they say is power, that’s it from here, I hope you have learnt something today. You can go ahead and create multiple cloud storage accounts and let MultCloud do the rest for you. I dare you to give it a try.

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