Lectric XP : This electric bike is fast


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We are gradually shifting to another world of change, everything is going electric now even your bicycles don’t have to be traditional anymore.

Have you seen the Lectric XP e-bike? The superfast comfortable and convenient electric bicycle that is gradually becoming one of the fastest around.

The Lectric XP e-bike is simply your gateway to adventure. You should start using it as your daily commute. Could you believe this e-bike has a top speed of 28mph.

The Lectric XP is more of a mini machine than a bicycle. If you really don’t like the electric scooter stand-up way of commuting, I guess you might love to seat on the go.

Lectric XP key features

• Foldable to less than half its size
• fully assembled on arrival
• Up to 28MPH top speed
• All-Terrain Fat Tires
• Anti-Puncture Liners Included
• Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
• Rear Rack and Aluminum Fenders Standard
• Integrated Front and Rear Lights
• High Performance LG Swappable Battery Pack
• 25-50 Mile Range
• Ergonomic Grips
• Extra-Wide Comfortable Seat
• LCD Computer Display
• 160mm Tektro Disc Brakes
• 7 Speed Shimano Cassette
• Wellgo Aluminum Folding Pedals


The Lectric XP comes standard with an amazing rack and fender. It looks just like a simple bicycle only that it has some distinctive features you won’t find on a normal bicycle.

In front there is an aluminum fender above the 4-inch anti-puncture tire, an adjustable handle bar and a small headlight that is fully integrated into the bike control system.

Up front, you will find a LCD display which you can use to check the battery level, current speed, trip distance and pedal assist (to know when the Lectric XP e-bike needs support on the road).

On the cross bar, there is a LG battery that is in-house with 3 step folding system next to it. There is also a carry handle, an aluminum folding pedals and a comfortable plush seat in the same region.

At the rear area, you will notice the spring loaded rear rack with an integrated tail light slightly below. On the tire is a 500W motor, a Tektro disk brake and a Shimano 7-speed cassette.

My Thoughts

The Lectric XP electric bicycle is a superfast, sweet and fun to ride e-bike in Nigeria. It comes with a unique key that is use to set the e-bike on the go when you kick start it with a pedal move.

Honestly, I am a little bit upset with the placement of the key activator, it takes only a brilliant eye to identify it’s location. I believe somewhere up front will be appropriate.

Aside that, every other feature on the Lectric XP e-bike seem very okay to me. I love the fact that it can fold easily even though it is a little bit heavier than a normal bicycle in Nigeria.

Okay! now I get it, the LG battery and other built-in electric components are responsible for the extra weight. Don’t forget that the Lectric e-bike is one of the fastest in Nigeria.

How much the Lectric XP e-bike

The Lectric XP e-bike is selling under $1000. There is no information on whether or not the company has any plan to come into Nigeria or any country in Africa yet.

Considering the fact that it’s a new company, the acceptance rate in North America and Europe will determine by a large extend if there is need to set up a base in Nigeria.

If they will come into Nigeria, the company will have to ensure they produce electric bicycles that are cheap, affordable and easy to use without compromising quality.

Regardless, If you really love the Lectric XP e-bike in Nigeria. You can place your order online via any of the big ecommerce websites like Amazon.

On Arrival – Inside the Box

The Lectric XP comes inside a very simple medium size box. It has already been set up, all you need to do is bring it out, charge it up and go for a ride. Remember to use helmet.

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