Jumia Black Friday 2023 – See Today’s Best Deal

Jumia Black Friday

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Jumia as we all know is one of the biggest e-commerce online shopping website store in Africa. It was established in 2012 and has a significant presence in many African Countries including Nigeria. Jumia Black Friday 2023 is here again, see the best deals to shop today in all categories.

Jumia Black Friday 2023 Deals on all Categories

In July 2018, Jumia celebrated her 6th year anniversary in the e-commerce industry, they were so generous enough to offer a lot of massive discounts majorly on consumer electronics just to grace the occasion. So many exciting deals came up during that period, I don’t know if you were lucky enough to grab some.

For those who did congratulation, if you didn’t, don’t worry because another bigger one is coming forth to compensate you. This bigger one has come, incase you don’t know, we call it Jumia Black Friday.

Some of you have heard of it before, others haven’t. For the sake of those who don’t really know what Jumia Black Friday is all about, permit me to explain.

What is Jumia Black Friday?

Jumia black friday is the day when online shoppers compete to get the best deals on electronics, fashion, home and sporting goods, toys, video games, appliances, tv sets, tablets, smartphones, laptops and lots more; all at their lowest prices.

Still don’t get it? Let me explain tentatively.

In Jumia Black Friday, a smartphone that is normally sold for 20,000 naira can be offered to the fastest buyer for 15,000 naira or less but you have to be fast enough to place an order before anyone does.

Jumia don’t usually offer this massive and generous slash on all products, only few products would get this generous slash in price even though every single product is likely to get discount offers in prices on Jumia Black Friday.

So you gat to be smart enough to partake in these series of flash sales that would go on live on Jumia Black Friday.

I can hear someone already screaming wow! Are you serious right now, this is amazing, how can I benefit from Jumia Black Friday this year?

Before I tell you how, let me share a little gist about the 2017 Jumia Black Friday.

The 2017 Jumia Black Friday was so incredible. Jumia decided to make the annual Jumia black friday event more exciting, they introduced 30 days of discounted sales and deals and called it “Jumia black friday festival 2017”.

As if that was not enough Jumia still observed her usual one day Jumia black friday event which took place on the 24th of November 2017 with so many massive slash and discounts on smartphones and accessories, video games, laptops, kitchen utensils, home appliances, tablets, toys, etc.

What date is Jumia black Friday 2023?

The official date of the 2023 Jumia Black Friday event will run from 4th to 30th November, 2023. Don’t forget to subscribe and be among the first to get notified when the Jumia Black Friday event deals starts dropping.

Back to our question:

How can I benefit from the 2023 Jumia Black Friday?

There are so many ways you can benefit from this year’s Jumia Black Friday.

First, you can use this opportunity to tech out your home with your dream tech piece like LCD/LED TV, washing machines, electric cookers, dish washer etc. So maybe you wish to upgrade your smartphone.

Second, you can decide to buy some consumer electronics for resale. What this means is that you can buy a consumer electronic like a TV set, wait patiently till the Jumia Black Friday is over. After which you sell them off at a profitable price.

Am sure you know what to do with your profit.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply choose one of the following options: you can either choose to subscribe to this website via email.

Let’s start with the first option

Option 1: subscribe to this blog.


As part of my give away this year, I am going to be offering free humanitarian service to my subscribers this year.

What do I mean? I will notify you via email about the date of the Jumia Black Friday, walk you through the process, send you coupon codes and even flash sales that goes on live on Jumia Black Friday.

Only my subscribers will get this for free, if you are not one of them yet, I suggest you do that now? Just type in your email and click the subscribe button. It’s that simple.
Join the circle, if everyone will benefit, don’t be left out.



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Here is a breakdown of how the 2023 Jumia Black Friday events is expected to run

For Fridays…..
Each Black Friday will begin with a “treasure hunt” by 12am – 6pm. There will be discounts as high as 99% on treasure hunt. You can get the The IPhone 13 for ₦6,850 during treasure hunt.

99% discount, are you for real? Yes.

Let me explain how this works.

See Treasure Hunt as the hide and seek game we played as kids. The only difference here is that you are doing it online.

In Treasure Hunts, Jumia deliberately hides a particular item in a category you least expect to find it on their website.

They will provide you with relevant information that best describe the item they need you to search for.

You are expected to start searching for the item within the specified time. Fastest finger wins.

Let’s say the IPhone 11 was shortlisted for Treasure Hunt and you are expected to find it.

We all know that the IPhone 11 is a smartphone and all of us will expect to see it when searching under smartphone category on Jumia website.

But guess what?

Jumia can decide to hide it in clothing category.

For more insight, Here are the rules and eligibility criteria Jumia presented as a guide for the Treasure Hunt this year.

There will be a second Treasure Hunt in the evening by 6pm.

Those who missed out in the morning have the opportunity to participate in the evening by 6PM.

That’s it for Fridays.

Please Note:
One or two modifications were made to ease understanding.

Treasure Hunt Rules for Jumia black friday

1. Only ONE item is available per treasure hunt & it is almost FREE at 99% off.
2. The item for the day is hidden randomly on the website (For example, a TV can be hidden in Women Shoes category, under the name of “Slippers”). All item images will remain the same.
3. Date & time is Friday by 12AM midnight and 6PM
4. Use the clues above(number 2) to know where to search.
5. Once you find it, order it fast!!

Eligibility Criteria

1. A customer can only buy ONE treasure hunt item during this promotion.
2. The winner will need to be physically present at the Jumia Corporate office to pick up the item.
3. The winner agrees that his/her pictures can be used by Jumia for promotional purposes.
4. Eligible winners must verify identity online with an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
5. The winner cannot be a previous treasure hunt winner.

Thereafter, there is going to be what Jumia calls “flash Sales”.

What are flash sales?
Flash sales are sales that run within a specific amount of time. There is usually a timer displayed on a product at discounted prices.

All you have to do is order these products at discounted rates before the timer runs out.

To keep an eye on flash sales, check in on by 12am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm on Fridays. From Mondays to Thursday, you can check in by 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. App only.

What is Jumia Pay?
Jumia Pay is Jumia primary payment platform.

To get you more engaged with Jumia Pay, Jumia has a shake to win game you can play. You can get free Jumia cash to shop on jumia. All you have to do is download the “Jumia Pay” App and shake everyday!

Exciting Offers and Games

Spin and win amazing prizes everyday in the 2023 Jumia Black Friday with  “wheel of fortune” game that goes live by 12AM daily. All you have to do to participate is spin the wheel on the app and stand a chance to win a voucher worth 10k, 20k and 30k. 

Next, we have the “weekend super savers” with Extra 25% off on everything. Note: it is applicable with debit and credit cards only.

Next, is the “11.11 Deals” that comes with Extra 11% off on everything. The is happenning on the 11th of November, 2023. You don’t wanna miss it.

Other exciting offers and games to expect in the 2023 Jumia Black Friday event includes: brand days, spot the differences and Jumia Prime at 10% off on your first order.


Every Monday by 12AM is quiz. All you have to do is solve the quiz and stand a chance to win amazing prizes [App only].

How it works

1. Open the page on the Jumia App
2. There are 10 questions per attempt. You’re given 30 seconds to answer the questions
3. Answer all the questions. A correct answer earns 10 points a wrong answer earns 2 points
4. At the end of each day the top 3 participants with the highest score who answered all questions in the shortest amount of time become the winners of the prizes for the day.
5. If there’s a tie the participant who answers the questions in the shortest time at an earlier date becomes the winner
6. All Jumia employees and vendors with all 4th layer families are excluded from participating.
7. The Winner will have to come to Jumia’s HQ in Lagos to receive their prize if it’s not a voucher.
8. Previous winners are not eligible to win.

Anything Else?

Just before you go, here are two important things I recommend you do.

  1. Start saving in advance, remember the popular saying that goes thus; “opportunity favors the prepared”.
  2. Ensure you have a fast and reliable internet connection. If need be, get 3 sim cards with data in them because you never can tell, the one that seem very reliable can just disappoint.

Now that you have gotten a full glimpse of how the 2023 Jumia Black Friday sales is going to run, here are some tips that can help you prepare more effectively.

#1. Know what you want to buy. I suggest you write them down.

#2. Download the Jumia App. Here is a link to get the app. Click here

#3. Create a Jumia account. It is very simple

#4. Know how to buy/order on Jumia. If you don’t know how to place an order on Jumia , go ahead and click the link below to learn how to do that now. Click here

#5. Take care of yourself finances. You should probably have some money deposited in your bank account by now.Make sure your bank is very good with online payment because you are going to be paying with your ATM card.

Please Note: You are not making any payment to anyone except if you choose the pay on delivery option. Otherwise, all payments should be made online directly to Jumia.

#6. Take note of the dates & time of events and be 100% available to participate.
Happy Shopping 😊

One last thing

Just before you.. please cultivate the habit of checking your email regularly as this is the only way I can get across to you when the 2023 Jumia Black Friday fully begins.

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    1. The offical date for this year’s Jumia black Friday have not been announced yet so I can’t really say much but expect to see a big surprise mostly on newly launched smartphones.

      1. Her price will go live that day. Make sure you subscribe to get notified when this year’s Jumia Black Friday begins

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  2. Great…. I will be waiting for this day, Already start saving money for this great opportunity…

    1. There is always a second time. It is not as if only one person gets the privilege. Flash sales happen within a particular time frame on Jumia Black Friday so a reasonable number of individuals benefit from it, just be on the lookout and ckeck your mails

  3. Pls when is the date for this year jumia black Friday???
    And how much can someone purchase infinix s4 in jumia black Friday?

    1. 1. The date is not official yet, I will do my best to send an email to subscribers on my list when the date gets confirmed. However, rumors has it that is going to be in November

      2. I can’t say anything about price yet until Black Friday begins but expect a price reduction

    1. It varies, if you wish to see your delivered item sent to your home address (it cost more) or pick up station (cost less).
      However, Jumia does some timely free shipping during most of her big promotions, I have benefited from it on two good instances this year and I strongly believe black Friday won’t be an exception.

    1. Subscription is free, just swipe through the article, locate the “subscribe for free” form, drop your email and you are done.

  4. Sir, i love your blog. I would love to be notified about this black friday and how to purchase goods on twitter. Btw, i hope my email is safe?

  5. Is the Jumia black friday strictly for online shoppers only? And if it’s as you say; not a 1 day thing, how long is it supposed to last? Thanks.

    1. Q1. Yes, Jumia Black Friday is strictly for online shoppers

      Q2. It runs for about 2 weeks but there are specific days that comes with exceptional deals

  6. pls notify me anytime, anyday it started, cos am alrdy saving more money to buy many goods at cheapest price… i hope my email is alrdy been subscribed?

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  12. Will there be a 15% discount for all products or just certain products?

    Will there be a discount for the newly released Tecno Pouvoir 3 plus?

  13. 1. Is it only on Fridays that someone can purchase on jumia black Friday..?
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  14. OK k talking about d flash sales in jumia can u search for d item u want to buy like camon 12 air at 70%off is dat possible ad wer can I find iPhone 11 in d jumia categories in treasure hunt tnks

    1. Of course you can. Talking treasure hunt, it is like hide and seek, to find an item, you need to search through jumia website

  15. I want to get a PlayStation 4 from Jumia but someone told me to wait that I could get it for cheaper later. Will it be cheaper on the 29th itself?
    Like is the black Friday itself going to be like other Fridays this month or will discounts be better by 29th

    1. Yes you can get it cheap but be ready for more competition. Just like first, Everyone will want to take advantage of the last day. Traffic will be heavy. Network issues might come in and the likes. I suggest you take advantage of one of the fridays and place your order when the discount seems reasonable.

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    1. No it doesn’t What the yellow rating star does is to rate a product based on the number of people who have bought it. This is how it works.

      Let’s say you ordered for a wristwatch and Jumia delivers it to you, they are going to ask you to please rate the wristwatch. you are going to give it your star rating as you write a short review on it.

      The same thing is going to happen to every other person that buys the wristwatch, the total rating of everyone sum up to be the rating you will find on the product. Hope this helped? Please let us know if you need any help.

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    Ensure your online business card is working because products in your cart are not yet yours until you pay.

    So, get your cards ready, so you don’t miss out.

    Thank you TechMobile for this detailed article.

  20. Jumia black Friday is one of the best deals I have seen and I’ve got a couple of items through them in times past can’t wait for this year edition of Jumia black Friday.

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