Itel S15 – The Tear Drop Baby


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Just when we thought it was time for Itel to launch her own version of tear drop notch display, we didn’t know they had something cooked up already.

We had waited so long for her launch, from what I am seeing, it is more like saying, this is what was am expecting. It’s now time to buy one of this new generation of smartphone in the Itel “S” series.

Guess which smartphone am I talking about? Am talking about the Itel S15, the first Itel smartphone to have a tear drop notch. This is a ground breaking record for Itel mobile.

Itel S15 Key features

Released date: August, 2019
Display: 6.1 inch HD+ IPS
O S: Android 9.0 Pie
Front Camera: 16MP
Rear Camera: 8MP + 8MP
Battery: 3000mAh
Sim-Slot: Dual
Fingerprint scanner: yes
Face ID: yes
Connectivity: 3G

Itel S15 Price in Nigeria

The Itel S15 comes in three 3 great colors: black, red and green. It is available in online and offline stores in Nigeria and is selling at a price that is budget friendly.

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The design of the Itel S15 looks very good and attractive. This is the first Itel smartphone I will say is qualified to fit in with the competition in Nigeria.

Let’s take a thorough examination of the Itel S15 so we can spot out some interesting features that are worth considering in Nigeria. Who knows, this could be your next smartphone.

From my own observation, I noticed that almost everything on the Itel S15 have changed as compared to her predecessor of last year except for some few old placement.

Among the new big changes this year, the new position of her speakers is first. Itel have now decided to join the team with the placement of her new set of speakers at the bottom which is great.

So you can do yourself a favor and place the Itel S15 on the table with the screen facing the ceiling and still hear the sound of your music clearly with no interruption at all.

The second is of course the tear drop notch display that refuses to come with a front-facing flashlight. I am sure you are wondering how the selfie camera is suppose to work in low-light conditions. But don’t worry, Itel gat things all planned out already (more on that later in the camera section)

The third big change on the Itel S15 is the vertically placed dual camera setup which now gives the smartphone a new outlook. Aside these 3 new changes, every other thing is not that far from usual.


On the Itel S15 is a 6.1inch full view HD+ tear drop notch display that is occupying a simple body. This implies that we are gradually saying goodbye to the tiny bezels conceptual design.

The display which is an LCD panel maintains a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and an 86% screen-to-body ratio, which results in a true vivid and wide view experience making each game and video even more enjoyable.


The Itel S15 comes with a smart camera system. In front, we have a bright 16MP low-light selfie camera with AI face beauty 3.0 that helps to bring out your natural beauty. At the back are two 8MP rear cameras with LED flash.

As said earlier, there is no front-facing flash attached to the selfie camera. This is because the selfie camera works like magic, it has some AI features that literally brightens up photos in low-light condition.

This is more like the newest selfie feature that is trending now adays. You don’t get to see any physical front-facing flash beside the selfie camera but you will be surprise to see photos looks like they’ve got flash support even in low-light.

This is how it works: on the 6.1inch display, there is a screen flash that does all the magic with AI. So when you take a selfie with the Itel S15 in dark light, you will get a bright picture as output.

This is a good step forward for Itel, especially now that majority of her strong competitors have done that already in Nigeria. Either way, let’s see what’s more on her selfie camera.

The 16MP selfie camera on the Itel S15 can captures clearer facial details. In combination with her large 2.0µm 4-in-1 Big Pixel which allows you to capture brighter self-portrait in great details under various light environments.

But that’s not all. Itel also had a fruitful discussion with Google which resulted in the Installation of a Gallery Go on her S15. This is kind of like the first of its kind on an Itel smartphone.

The Gallery Go is a light, fast and office gallery optimized for the Itel S15. It comes with a smart storage and easier form of editing and organization with auto-enhance Gallery features.

Although, this feature is not available in all countries but you are definitely gonna find it in Nigeria.

Battery life

The Itel S15 comes with a high capacity 3000mAh Long-lasting Battery which has an Intelligent battery management system that assist with All Day Power.

How much Power are we looking at here? We are talking about 39 hours of normal usage which is more than enough to serve a light user for a single day in Nigeria.

With the Itel S15 in your hand, you can play games, enjoy music and take selfie at will, even when on the go, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Software & Spec

When it comes to software, the Itel S15 comes with Android 9.0 pie(Go edition) OS with some pre-installed application inside which is responsible for some percentage of the Internal memory.

The Itel S15 still runs on a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, it comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM which is expandable via microSD slot up to 32GB.

So you have the opportunity to access more free storage to do a lot of things. Even if you want to save your perfect shots, videos and install more apps.

Security features

On the Itel S15, there are two main security features to work with: Face Unlock & Fingerprint Unlock.

The Face Unlock comes with an updated facial recognition that combines the Screen Fill Light and LiveNess Mode on the Itel S15 to create more secure and better experience with new level of simplicity and privacy.

The fingerprint scanner works pretty decent as expected. You have the opportunity to select any one that best suite you in Nigeria.

My thoughts

Itel have given us another reason to key into their smartphones. The Itel S15 is far from usual. Some couple of months ago, I was on the lookout for budget android phones with a tear drop notch display but I couldn’t get something that works.

When I heard about the Itel S15 launch, I waited patiently for her release. Right now, I am more than please to inform you that I am not disappointed with what I am seeing. The Itel S15 is worth the wait.

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  1. Hi there…
    Thanks for the Post… It indeed was helpful. I just purchased one of it and it was exactly as specified even though I paid more than was expected because I was already in love with it but then I was disappointed at something quick I don’t know if just move or that’s how it is generally…. I can’t split screen on it despite the fact that it’s Android 9, just which to know why because lesser versions can. Please wouldn’t mind an answer. Wouldn’t mind getting direct mail.

  2. Great review! I’m considering buying the Itel S15 and your review has provided valuable insights that will help me make an informed decision. Thanks for sharing!

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