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Consider buying the Itel P36 Pro LTE if you are on the lookout for more vibrant upgrade in the Itel P36 model. With a couple features, you get the feeling of an excellent device.

The Itel P36 Pro LTE is by no means an entry-level budget flagship, the price alone puts it in a category that is far above zero. It is affordable, so you get what you deserve.

It’s amazing to see how the Itel P series is transiting very fast. As our technology needs continue to increase overtime, new features gets added and the price follows.

Itel P36 Pro LTE Key features

Launch Date: June, 2020
Dimension: 165.5 x 76 x 8.6mm
Display-size: 6.5inch HD+
Battery: 5000mAh
10W fast charge
Selfie camera: 8MP
Rear Camera: 13MP + QVGA
Processor: SC9863A 1.6GHz Octa-core
Face Unlock
Fingerprint Unlock
Network: 4G LTE

Itel P36 Pro LTE Price in Nigeria

Wondering how much the Itel P36 Pro LTE cost? The price starts at #43,500 in Nigeria. It is available in Gradation Blue, Gradation Purple and Deep Blue colors.

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Design & Display

The design of the Itel P36 Pro LTE is the first thing to love about this phone. Everything, starting from the top to bottom compliment a lot. The back is of course my favorite.

The color options didn’t disappoint too. They kind of suite the body occupy. We are also very happy with the size of the display. A 6.5inch screen is just the way to go now that smartphones screens are getting bigger.

This display quality is also not disappointing, it is crisp, clear, sharp and bright. It is very much appreciate for the price it is selling at in Nigeria.

Camera & Battery

The camera has nothing fancy. In front, there is an 8MP front-facing camera that gets the job done when it comes to taking quality selfie. At the back, you will find a very reasonable 13MP main AI camera.

The battery capacity of the Itel P36 Pro LTE didn’t get any bigger, it still has the same 5000mAh of last year but with a new addition. It now has a 10W charging feature.

This is something you will appreciate alot if you have at some point used previous models in Nigeria in the past.

Software & Specs

On the software scene, this smartphone received an Android 9.0 Pie Operating System. It got a little more interesting when you the RAM got jacked up, this ended up improving the performance by a lot more.

I am more than happy to a 2GB RAM and a 32GB ROM on the Itel P36 Pro LTE. We have all been expecting to see this show up before now. This is by far the coolest thing about this phone even though it is offered for an extra fee.

Final Thoughts

For the first time, Itel increased the price of her P series line up. This is because the Itel P36 Pro LTE address some tons of issues many complained about previous models in the past. 

With this very phone on board, it is clear that two main features can lead to a perfect smartphone. Body and performance are of course the two dominant features present here.

Ever thought of upgrading to a beautiful and high performing budget smartphone in Nigeria? The Itel P36 Pro LTE should slide into your list.

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