IPhone XR –  Cheapest IPhone Yet?


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IPhone XR is the number 3 Apple phone that was launched alongside two others, Iphone XS and Iphone XS MAX. The Iphone XR is rated as the best iphone ever, some call it the cheapest Iphone while others say it is the most impressive of all the 3 Iphones that came out this year.

These claims turns out to be true to some extent, especially now that the Iphone XR currently has the best battery ever seen on an Iphone in Nigeria before, It is also considered the cheapest Iphones in 2018 but there are quite a few things to sacrifice for.

Some of which includes the absence of a second camera sensor, lower display quality and there is no more 3D touch we are used to seeing on the display. Regardless the Iphone XR still has what it takes to stand-out as the most impressive Iphone in Nigeria this year.

Price and availability

The IPhone XR starts at $749 for 64GB model, $799 for 128GB model and $899 for 256GB. It is available in blue, white, red, yellow, coral and black colors.
Price starts at ₦287,640 in Nigeria

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Key Features

Released date: 26 October, 2018

Display: 6.1 inch LCD

Dimension: 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm

OS: IOS 12

Front Camera: 7MP

Rear Camera: 12MP

Battery: 2942mAh


Sim-Slot: Dual (Nano and e-SIM)

ROM: 64/128/256 GB

CPU: A12 Bionic chip

Weight: 194g


The Iphone XR has an all-screen design in front with a notch at the top, so forget about the home button you are used to seeing on Iphones because there is no room for that anymore. The Iphone XR also has a body that is made of glass to enable wireless charging.

At the back, the Iphone XR is protected by a tastefully finished aluminum-glass, there is also a strong protective glass that is hard to penetrate at the front. The Iphone XR still rocks the same button placement as the Iphone X of last year.

When it comes to stereo sounds, the Iphone XR has two good speakers; one at the top and the other at the bottom. It is a big shame to see no headphone jack on the Iphone XR. After much critics by some tech reviewers in Nigeria last year, Apple still skip this feature on her new flagships this year.

To even make things worse, Apple did not put USB-C adaptor in the box. It is also a bit disappointing to see that the Iphone XR is Ip67 rated even though Ip68 seem to be trending this days in Nigeria. However, the Iphone XR can conveniently survive water splash.


The Iphone XR has a 6.1inch LCD display with liquid retina technology. As earliar said, the Iphone XR is all-screen with a notch at the top. The notch contains some vital elements like Face ID, the selfie shooter and other vital sensors.

The overall rating of the display quality is good but not the best around, we in Nigeria were expecting to see OLED but Apple gave us LCD which is a bit disappointing. Although LCD displays has some advantages especially when it comes to battery consumption.

Also, the pixel per inch on the Iphone XR is only 326 as compared to 458 on the iphone XS. It is also very disappointing to see the Iphone XR take-on a display that is not edge to edge. The Iphone XR also doesn’t support HDR I guess that’s were the savings starts. This is likely gonna be a deal breaker for some in Nigeria.


The Iphone XR runs on Apples new IOS 12 which has better UI and easy navigation. The new A12 bionic chip also helps the Iphone XR run smoothly with less bugging.

Geekbench score shows that the Iphone XR can run daily and easier task conveniently as the Iphone XS except that it battles with weightier tasks.

Apple Siri which supposed to be like the Google assistant on the Iphone XR needs improvement, it works but not all the time especially when there is a lot of noise on the background.

Augmented Reality is also not as impressive as expected on the Iphone XR, it lack the true experience of what you really want from AR.

Memoji is better now, you can now draft out every single face element and also map a video onto your face during phone calls, all thanks to the A12 bionic chip on board.

On the sound department, the two Stereo speakers aren’t loud enough but movie watching experience is surprisingly awesome even with the absence of HDR or OLED display.


The Iphone XR has 7MP front and 12MP rear cameras with f/1.8 aperture. The 7MP front camera is awesome, it can take decent selfie photos with blur background and is also very easy to use.

The 12MP rear camera on the other hand can takes decent photos event in low light, there is also smart HDR to help smooth things up.

Portrait mode on the cameras is more of software than hardware which isn’t that effective on photo quality.

The general rating of the camera quality on the Iphone XR is good but it would have performed better if the rear camera had a second sensor to help improve boken shots.


Alas! Apple finally did something about her battery this year. After so many critics, apple had to admit that her Iphones needed more battery to ease things up a little bit.

The Iphone XR now has a battery that can conveniently run for a single day on moderate usage. It is also worth nothing to say this; of all the Iphone’s that came out this year, only the Iphone XR has the best battery.

This is because of the LCD screen that was used to manufacture the Iphone XR. This is likely gonna be a good reason to buy for many in Nigeria. The stand by retention is amazing and there is wireless charging feature to wrap it up.

My thoughts

After much said and done, with respect to battery life and price, the Iphone XR is likely gonna be the best Iphone in Nigeria in 2018.
For many, this would be an opportunity to buy one of Apple’s phone considering the price.

For others, this is a whole punch of crap!
If you love Iphones but her battery has been a major issue to you, I guess you might have to pop some bottles when you buy the Iphone XR in Nigeria.

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