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The much talked about or better still most anticipated IPhone 11 is here looking all brand new for 2019. We have been expecting it and now we get to see it!

So the IPhone 11 just came out and everyone is like damn! Is this the new IPhone? And am like oh my God, I can’t believe what am seeing, I hope it turns out interesting.😉

On September 10, Apple held her annual launch event in California, US where the company CEO Tim cook walked out and introduced the new IPhone 11 alongside other new Tech devices.

The IPhone 11 as we all know is currently the successor to the IPhone XR which we all call the cheapest and most popular IPhone on planet Earth.

It was undeniably the best-selling IPhone of the year 2018.

So what’s up with this new IPhone 11 this year?

We will get to find out shortly

Apple IPhone 11 Price in Nigeria

The IPhone 11 comes in 6 different colors: purple, yellow, green, black, white and product red. So you can have multiple choices to make. Am already loving the white. For those who have been asking about her price, the IPhone 11 price starts at $699.

see lowest price

Design & Display

Apple didn’t really do much on the design of the IPhone 11 this year. As you can see, everything here just look pretty much the same except for some few changes that makes it stand-out a little bit.

To be honest, the major design upgrade is at the back. I can only identify her dual camera setup and the Apple logo that is chilling in the middle. Aside that, nothing have changed.

The Speaker grill, lightening USB-C port and microphone are still occupying the same position at the bottom while the volume and power buttons can be identified on the right.

I so much love the glossy back finish that is made of matte glass. It is Looking sweet as always even though it require some extra care to enable you admire the IPhone 11 more often.

Although Apple says it is the toughest glass on a smartphone but I strongly recommend you get a case to protect it from cracks in Nigeria.

The display on the IPhone 11 is a 6.1inch liquid retina display that is LCD in nature. It still rocks a 720p resolution.

You fill also find amazing display features like true tone for white balance adjustments and heptic touch for custom menu and shortcuts.


The Camera is undeniably the main focus of the IPhone 11. Now that the camera app have been upgraded, Apple says the camera on her latest flagship can produce the highest quality video in a smartphone.

On the IPhone 11 is a 12MP selfie camera that is good at taking selfie at a glance. The selfie can adjust to accommodate all kinds of scenes be it group or single.

I am glad to let you know that Apple also introduced slow motion video recording on her selfie camera at 120 fps.

They call it “slofies”. 😙 What kind of name is that. As funny as the name may sound, I believe many will love to try it on the IPhone 11 in Nigeria.

The front-facing camera on the IPhone 11 can now take ultra wide photos. Just a single hit on the 1x button will call it out and start using.

One good thing about the ultra wide mode on the selfie camera is that it works automatically. You don’t have to make any adjustments, just activate and let the selfie do the rest.

At the back are two new cameras, a 12MP standard and a 12MP ultra-wide. The camera set up is made up of a square camera bomb, holding two camera bombs and a LED flash.

I know for sure, many in Nigeria are going to talk about the new design philosophy of the IPhone 11 cameras at the back, some are gonna love it others might hate it.

When I first saw some leaked videos and pictures of the IPhone 11, I find it hard to believe this was going to be the exact design of her rear cameras but at lunch, it turned out to be true.

My first impression about the camera setup is very simple. I will say it is very unique to the extreme, it is not a bad idea to go against the trend. The most important thing is that it gets the job done.

There is another step up on the camera of the IPhone 11. You can take portrait mode on anything that interest you, be it object or animal.

Night mode have gotten better too. I am glad to see this feature appear on the IPhone 11, at least, all these android people will stop intimidating IOS users in Nigeria.

Battery Life

There is also an upgrade in the battery life of the IPhone 11, Apple say the battery can last one hour more than the one we saw on her predecessor, the XR.

If you have been using the iPhone XR for a while now, you will agree with me that her battery life is far better than other IPhones in Nigeria. Imagine an hour more.

The IPhone 11 is giving all day battery life to enjoy. But how is this possible when the battery capacity is still the same as the one on her predecessor?

The new A13 bionic chip is good at managing the battery consumption on the IPhone 11 to make it work effectively.

Software & Spec

The IPhone 11 comes with the latest IOS 13 operating system that works excellently on the new bionic chip.

The new A13 Bionic chipset is also projected to be the fastest chip on a smartphone, we all know how good the chipset on the IPhone have performed over the years.

You are going to holding an IPhone with a powerful chip inside. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this one. Not even a pinch.

The IPhone 11 is IP68 water and dust resistant, it can survive up to 2 meter in 30 minutes. There is face ID as always which is faster now.

There is also a new Technology on the IPhone 11 this year. It’s called U1. With UI you can find and share anything with IPhone users.

My Thoughts

Another successful launch have just been concluded. The IPhone 11 is just the way to go if you are fed up with the camera features you see on most smartphones in Nigeria.

When you take a look at the IPhone 11 at first sight, you might feel a little bit disappointed with her design. Why will Apple still put a full grown up notch on this phone?

When conduct a thorough examination on her camera features and other unique software upgrades available on the IPhone 11, the design won’t disturb you anymore.

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