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This is Apple’s new flagship for 2019, it is called the IPhone 11 pro which does seem to be the first IPhone that is powerful enough to be called a PRO.

With the Pro name on it, we can constructively say the IPhone 11 Pro is the best IPhone this year. Being the best, there is absolutely more to expect.

Let me start by pointing a finger on her camera, you will notice the weird looking camera at the back that sends a very strong message to everyone.

Apple deliberately designed her rear camera to look different this year because they simply want to tell you how much of a camera the IPhone 11 Pro is.

Aside her camera, they also did a wonderful job on some gray areas that may be of help to many especially if you are the type that use your IPhone to do a lot of things in Nigeria.

Apple IPhone 11 Pro Price in Nigeria

The IPhone 11 Pro is going to be available in 4 different colors. So do yourself a pleasure by selecting the best of them all.  In Nigeria, you can buy the iPhone 11 pro in online and offline stores Nation wide. Price starts at $999

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Design & Display

The major design improvement on this flagship is at the back. The front and every other part of the IPhone 11 Pro looks pretty much the same to the one of last year. The repeated notch at the top is enough to prove my point.

Apple made a really big claim with the glass they used on both side of the IPhone 11 Pro. They called it a 3D glass and described it as the strongest on any smartphone.

The stainless steel and glass design with matte glass glossy finish at the back is a pure interpretation of the above claim. The front glass is another prove that the IPhone 11 Pro won’t crack easily. This thing is strong.

However, I don’t recommend you taking that risk of exposing it for any reason, just make sure you get an IPhone 11 Pro case to protect it. Okay!

On the display is a new super retina XDR display with the highest pixel density on any Apple device, it has two new peaks of brightness with good interpretation on how to use them.

The display brightens up from 800nits to 1200nit brightness. There is also a huge 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a 458 pixel per inch square.

This is no doubt a lovely upgrade many will find interesting in Nigeria. The IPhone 11 Pro is now the number one IPhone to reach out to for better viewing experience with movies, games and online content consumption in 2019.

You will also be pleased to hear that the XDR display on the IPhone 11 Pro have some good amount of display features like custom OLED, wide color gamut, true tone , haptic touch, tap or raise to wake, night shift and true blacks.


Apple didn’t just come up with a weird looking camera, they actually wanted to impress us all round. In front of the IPhone 11 Pro is a 12MP True Depth camera that is good at taking stunning selfies you will admire the most.

The slow-motion video recording we are used to taking with the rear camera of our IPhone is now available on the selfie department. You know Apple always like to set the standard for others to follow.

On the True Depth camera is a new feature called Slofie that lets you take slow-motion selfie video at 120 fps or 60fp on 4k.

The front-facing camera automatically zoom in and out when you position your smartphone for group or single selfie.

At the back is a Triple Pro camera system which is no doubt the first of its kind on an IPhone. We’ve got; one main camera, one 2x telephoto and one 120° ultra-wide.

The 12MP main camera comes with 26mm focal length, f/1.8 aperture, 6-element lens, optical image stabilization and 100% focus pixel.

The 2x telephoto camera on the other hand has expanded field of view, you can zoom from the telephoto all the way out to the new ultra wide camera for an impressive 4x optical zoom.

The 12MP ultra wide camera has 13mm focal length, f/2.4 aperture, 5-element lens, 120° field of view and 4x more scene.

You have all the freedom you need to switch between any of the three (3) using the button or slider on the camera app.

When it comes to taking videos, the IPhone 11 Pro is good at taking the highest quality of video on any smartphone ever. You can also run video editing on the camera app without the need to export elsewhere.

4k videos and portrait mode can be done using any of the three cameras. There is also a Smart HDR mode that uses advanced algorithms to fine-tune detail in both subject and background.

Even in the dark, the IPhone 11 Pro camera is very active because of her new camera feature called Night mode.

Night mode make use of an intelligent software and the new Bionic chip to deliver lowlight shots automatically. So you can capture more images in drastically low light conditions in Nigeria.

Battery life

The IPhone 11 Pro comes with a non-removable battery that can last for up to 4 hours more than the IPhone XS of last year. That’s not all, there are more upgrades to the battery this year.

The IPhone 11 Pro now has fast charging, I can see someone smiling already.😀

This a big deal for IPhone users in Nigeria. Many will appreciate this new upgrade considering the fact that it is the first time we are seeing this feature on an IPhone. At last, the super charge thing is here.

To make the IPhone 11 Pro charge effectively, Apple did include an 18W fast charger inside the box to help smooth things up with the USB-C lightening port.

There is no need to sleep over a simple charge anymore. With fast charge, you get 50% charge in 30 minutes.

Let’s not forget about wireless charging, it is fully integrated on the IPhone 11 Pro.

Software, Spec & More

The IPhone 11 Pro comes with the latest IOS 13 Operating System which looks more redefined and cleaned up for IOS users in Nigeria. It has some new UI gesture swipes to try out.

There is also another cool feature on the IPhone 11 Pro. Apple calls it the A13 Bionic chip which is more powerful than her predecessor.

The A13 Bionic chip is currently the fastest chip ever on a smartphone. The IPhone 11 Pro is still IP68 water and dust resistant.

A splash of coffee or water drops won’t do anything to the IPhone 11 Pro in Nigeria.

Face ID which is still the most secure facial authentication on a smartphone have also been improved upon. It is now 30% faster on the IPhone 11 Pro.

Also, Dolby atmos, spatial audio, audio sharing, faster Wi-Fi speeds, up to 30 LTE bands, dual SIM with eSim support are 100% available on the IPhone 11 Pro.

My Thoughts

I belief we were all expecting to see the biggest IPhone appear like majority of the top high-end smartphones in the competition especially now that Apple just started using the PRO name on her flagships.

But you know Apple, they are always different in their approach. They always like to do the unexpected but it’s fun any way.

I don’t know who designed her rear cameras that looks like a stove in the kitchen, I feel like boiling some noodles right away.🙂

We can clearly see were the biggest upgrade occur on the IPhone 11 Pro which of course the camera.

They introduced a good number of essential camera features a lot of smartphone manufacturers have fail to deal with. I love that.

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