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It hasn’t been long since Apple unveiled the IPhone 11 series for the season. People have started buying right here in Nigeria. But guess what? Almost everyone is going for the IPhone 11 Pro Max.

I was wondering why they choose to buy the IPhone 11 Pro Max even though it is the most expensive of them all. Is it that the other variants are not good enough? Or did they simply buy the IPhone 11 Pro Max because it is the biggest?

But the truth is, that’s absolutely not the case. Apple didn’t just make up some stories when they introduced the IPhone 11 Pro Max to us, they actually meant what they said.

Have you tried the camera of this device?

My God!! The camera on this smartphone is completely insane.

If you are a camera person and you love making videos or taking pictures of yourself and the people around you. Or maybe you are more interested in nature. A firsthand glimpse of the IPhone 11 Pro Max in Nigeria will inspire you.

That said, It’s now time to do some justice to the IPhone 11 Pro Max, the most powerful IPhone for the season that comes with a powerful camera you dare to try.

Let’s now run through her features and find out if it’s worth the huge price in Nigeria.

Key Features

Display: 6.5 inch OLED
Front camera: 12MP
Rear camera: Triple 12MP
Software: IOS 13
CPU: A13 Bionic
ROM: 64GB/256GB/512GB
Fast + Wireless Charging
Sim-slot: Dual nano-SIM
Network: 4G LTE

Availability & Price of IPhone 11 Pro Max in Nigeria

The IPhone 11 Pro Max is available for purchase in online and offline stores in Nigeria. It comes in four stunning colors: gold, space gray, silver and midnight green.

see lowest price

However, the midnight green is the one most people are going for in Nigeria. So I am going to be reviewing this color

When it comes to price, the IPhone 11 Pro Max is expensive but if you can afford to buy a single unit in Nigeria, consider yourself a lucky person. Now, guess how much it cost?

The base version with 64GB price starts at $1099  while the premium variant with 256GB price begins at $1,249 and the 512GB cost $1449. That’s high, isn’t it?


The IPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a little bit upgradable design. Although, the major design upgrade you will notice on this smartphone is not in front neither is it by the sides, it is right behind.

At the back, you will see the camera bump looking like some set of stove in the kitchen 😊. This automatically sends a strong warning to everyone. It is Apple way of saying hey! A camera smartphone is here.

You will also find the strongest 3D glass that fits in with the stainless steel and glass design that has matte glass glossy finish at the back. This is a beauty you will admire a lot particularly on the midnight green.

Aside that, majority of the placement haven’t changed yet. In front, we still have the notch at the top and two sets of speaker grills at the bottom with a lightening port in the middle.

The IPhone 11 Pro Max is of larger size and also less prone to smudges and fingerprint. It has virtual sound surround set up on her speakers with more detail and better audio sound quality even on headphones.


The IPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a very vibrant, rich and colorful screen that will keep a lot of people happy and at the same time occupied when they see it in Nigeria. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest upgrade on this device.

On the IPhone 11 Pro Max is a large but impressive 6.5 inch OLED screen with quality cinematic viewing experience. It has True Tone Technology that simply adjust to suite any lighting condition in Nigeria.

Watching movies and playing video games on the IPhone 11 Pro Max is impressive, doing video playback is more cinematic to the core. The display comes with 800 nits brightness which can get up to a much higher 1200 nits when the need arise.


The camera on the IPhone 11 Pro Max is more exciting and also more interesting than ever. It comes with an outstanding camera features that set it on a league of her own.

Since inception, there is absolutely no IPhone that can contend with the IPhone 11 Pro Max camera in Nigeria. The front and rear camera are simply amazing to deal with and explore.

The front-facing camera consist of a 12MP true depth sensor that is good at taking quality selfie photos during the day or even at night. It comes with a new camera feature called Slofie.

The Slofie is Apple’s new way of saying slow motion video recording is possible on a selfie camera. The IPhone 11 Pro Max can easily do a thing like this with her selfie camera. Just activate and enjoy.

At the rear, there are up to three(3) 12MP camera setup on the top-left corner of the IPhone 11 Pro Max. It consists of a normal wide, telephoto and a new ultra-wide camera.

The three of them work together to keep an incredible balance between pixel size and resolution. The camera can also shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second and even edit it on the go in Nigeria.

That’s not all, Apple just introduced a new camera feature called Night Mode. Night Mode is capable of turning night into day. You are definitely going to be stunned when you try this out in Nigeria.

More interesting on the camera of the IPhone 11 Pro Max is a better Portrait mode, smart HDR mode, optical image stabilization and 100% focal point.

Battery Life

Apple finally heed to our cry in Nigeria this year, they just deposited the strongest battery on the IPhone 11 Pro Max this time. Apple weren’t joking when they told us they were offering a really strong battery.

Sincerely, this thing can last up to 5 hours longer than the XS Max of last year. With a new fast charging feature on board, you will enjoy up to 0 – 100% charge in an hour and 30 minutes.

You can even get ahead with wireless charging when you place the iPhone 11 Pro Max on a wireless mat. I also must not forget to inform you that there is a battery saving mode available on this device too.

Software & Spec

On the software scene, you will see how advance Apple OS have gone with the IOS 13. The IOS 13 now has better usability and some extra tweaks and gestures you will find interesting as you explore the IPhone 11 Pro Max in Nigeria.

Her new powerful A13 Bionic chipset is another top secret behind the iPhone 11 Pro Max speed which contribute immersively to making the IPhone 11 Pro Max the most powerful IPhone this year.

To better describe how powerful this phone is, geekbench 5 score test was conducted, the result shows that the IPhone 11 Pro Max is 11% more powerful than the IPhone XS Max of last year.

The IPhone 11 Pro Max is IP68 water and dust resistant. Face ID have also been improved upon, it is now faster, more secure and easy to unlock. This is even the primary reason why Apple decided to keep the notch.

My Thoughts

Now I see why the IPhone 11 Pro Max is getting a lot of patronage especially from photographers and videographers in Nigeria who are already making this smartphone their new digital camera.

From the review above, we can clearly see that the IPhone 11 Pro Max is not just a camera smartphone but also the highest performing IPhone so far. At least for now before we get to see another one in 2020.

Apple did a brilliant thing by not just focusing on the Camera, they upgraded the display, battery life, CPU and even refined the software to make the iPhone 11 Pro Max the best of everything.

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