Best Internet Modems in Nigeria : My Experience


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Modems are devices used to connect to the internet, they encode digital computer signals into analog signals. Even today, modems still stands out among other networking tools used for surfing the web. In Nigeria, modems are still relevant even though there are more preferable options.

There are different types of modems in Nigeria. At best, majority of the internet modems in Nigeria only offer 3.75G networks even when 4G networks are readily available in most major cities in Nigeria.

So tell me, why do you still want to buy a modem in Nigeria?

To answer to the above question, there are so many reasons why many still prefer to go for modems as compared to other options in Nigeria but am going to state just two.

1.) Portability: For some, modems are very much convenient to carry about so buying one won’t be a burden at all.

2.) Affordability:  when it comes to price, modems are no doubt affordable. They sell at a price that is incredibly cheap.

The above stated reasons have played a very strong role in preventing the extinction of modems in Nigeria today.

Below is a comprehensive list of best, cheap and affordable internet modems in Nigeria.

Before we get started;

Please note that the internet modems you are about to see are in no particular order.

What do I mean?

The list of modems you are about to see are not listed in order of preference, I only picked them randomly for my review. However, I am going to generously share my experience with you on the ones have used so far.

Let’s get started

1. HSDPA Modems

Am starting with HSDPA modems because they are no doubt the cheapest among all the internet modems I have seen so far in Nigeria.

They are not only cheap, they are also among the best modems in Nigeria. If you know of any cheaper one, please be generous to share with us on the comments below.

I love HSDPA modems because it’s a universal modem out of the box, it works with all network sims provided by all internet service providers in Nigeria. It also has a micro SD card slot just in case you need it to act as a flash drive.

My experience:

The HSDPA modems are undeniably awesome, they work pretty well in Nigeria except for one thing; HSDPA modems can’t tap small signals. So if you reside or work were network signals are very poor, the HSDPA modem won’t make you happy.

2. MTN Modems

MTN modems are my favorite and also one of the best in Nigeria. The built quality of this modem is pretty awesome, it is far better than that of the HSDPA modems. MTN modems can also serve as a flash drive, this is because it has a slot for micro SD card.

My Experience

The MTN modem is extremely good but it is slightly more expensive than HSDPA modems. The first one I bought stayed around for almost 8 years until human activities finally had her effect on it. The good thing about this modem is that it can tap small signals even when converted to a universal modem in Nigeria.

3. Glo Modems

Glo modems are incredible, they are considered one of the best in Nigeria. Glo modems do have micro SD card slot and can also be converted to a universal modem like every other modem in Nigeria. The built quality is also very okay and it works pretty well.

My Experience

Glo modems works excellently well and are also durable, they render almost the same task as MTN modems in Nigeria.

4. Airtel Modems

Airtel modems are not so different from the above discussed modems in Nigeria. In fact, they have the same features and functionality as Glo and Airtel modems in Nigeria.

My Experience

Honestly, I am yet to have a personal hands-on experience with this modem although a good number of persons who claim to have used an Airtel modem in Nigeria before says it undeniably superb. If you have some experience to share with us about Airtel Modems, please leave a comment below.





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