Infinix Smart 4 – A New Budget Class


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The Smart series have gotten to her fourthgeneration this year with the introduction of the Infinix Smart 4 that was unveiled in the last quarter of 2019.

Just like previous gens, the Infinix Smart 4 is a budget smartphone that will make you appreciate what it feels like to own a high-end smartphone in Nigeria.

When you look at it from the front, you will notice her water drop notch that makes it fit into the league of smartphones but when you take a look at the back, her real identity automatically shows up.

Let me just be clear with you, please don’t expect anything much from the Infinix Smart 4 in Nigeria. This is a low-end smartphone and the specs here is not different at all.

Infinix Smart 4 Key features

Launch Date: November, 2019
Display Size: 6.6 inch HD+ IPS
Resolution: 1600 x 720p
Aspect Ratio: 20:9
Front Camera: 5MP
Rear Camera: 8MP + QVGA
Sim-slot: Dual nano-SIM
Battery: 4000mAh
Chipset: MediaTek Hello A22
Face unlock & Fingerprint

Infinix Smart 4 Availability & Price

The Infinix Smart 4 comes in 3 sweet colors: Midnight Black, Quetzal Cyan, Cosmic Purple. As always, you are free to select your most preferred when buying in Nigeria.The Infinix Smart 4 is also selling at a very affordable price in Nigeria.

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Design & Display

The design of this smartphone is worth appreciating. Although, the water drop notch at the top can get you confused at first sight. One may likely mistake it for the Hot 8 when you see it in Nigeria.

What’s new here?

The biggest upgrade on the Infinix smart 4 is the new design that blends with her huge 6.6 inch HD+ LCD display that is beautiful and vibrant enough to handle your viewing experience.

The display has a cinema-quality viewing experience that is placed in a slender frame that fits in comfortably in your hand plus, you get a nice viewing angle to enjoy.

Either you are using it for gaming or all round entertainment, you are going to love the expansive view you will find here. It is big enough to serve you especially now that screens are getting bigger on smartphones.

The display also crossed the 720 x 1600p resolution benchmark which we all know is the basics standard of smartphone screens quality in Nigeria and the globe at large.

Aside her display, every other placements on the Infinix smart 4 are still the same but there is one new add up which is a dedicated Google assistant button that is placed below the power button.

We are also glad to hear that the Infinix Smart 4 comes with a strong signal reception that supports 4G LTE which is absolutely the way to go right now.


At the back are two AI cameras: An 8MP + QVGA with LED flashlight. This is a bit surprising if you will ask me. We are in an era of 3/4 cameras but Infinix decided to give us this.

But when you consider the price of the Infinix Smart 4 in Nigeria, you will thank Infinix for exhibiting a high level of sincerity with the camera they decided to put together on this device.

The most important thing is the videos and images quality we are getting here. So far so good, the dual AI camera works pretty okay than most smartphones in her price point. The camera can record videos with 1080p resolution at 30fps.

In front, you will find a 5MP front-facing camera that is good at taking selfies. There is no flash light here to support in front but you will get a screen flash as substitute.


The Infinix Smart 4 comes with a 4000mAh battery that is long-lasting. Infinix claims the battery can last for up to 3 days in Nigeria if used moderately.

There is also an intelligent power management which when activated, lets you enjoy the Infinix smart 4 for a complete day in Nigeria without having to reach out to your charger.

Software & Specs

When it comes to software, Infinix did a great job by installing the Android 9.0 Pie OS based on Infinix XOS 5.5 User Interface inside the ecosystem of the Smart 4.

The XOS 5.5 UI gives you optimized operations that is convenient and efficient with app functionality that runs smoothly on every app within the Infinix Smart 4.

Infinix have also gotten better with Google Assistant, they have now included a dedicated Google assistant button that is ready to help you understand your smart 4 better and also help you find your way around Nigeria easily.

To utilize Google Assistant on the Infinix Smart 4, look no further than press the dedicated button that is placed above the power button which can be confusing.

I see most people mistaking it for the power button in Nigeria, I guess they really want us to use Google Assistant by all means. So please, embrace the new culture.

The Infinix Smart 4 comes with an entry-level 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM which can be expandable via microSD card up to 128GB. There is also a MediaTek Helio A22 chip with 2.0GHz quad-core CPU here.

My Thoughts on Infinix Smart 4

Infinix launched the Smart 4 before we could say goodbye to 2019. I am sure you are wondering if there is any need for an upgrade in Nigeria.

If you will ask me, my answer will be very simple. I will respond by saying, do you love the design. Yes! Design because design is the number one upgrade here.

After design, the software was next. When you get hold of the Infinix Smart 4, you will admire the beauty of her ecosystem. An upgrade on a budget is worth it.

Who should buy in Nigeria?

Someone who is more of a minimalist, on a tight budget with little or no serious rendering with his or her smartphone in Nigeria. The Infinix Smart 4 would do you good.

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    1. the Infinix Smart 3 is currently out of stock. For the Infinix Smart 4, please click the “see lowest price” button to see her current market price in Nigeria

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