Meet the Infinix S1 TV – First from Infinix

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Infinix mobility, having successfully sold lots of smartphones they manufactured are gradually expanding to other niches one of which is TV. TV? Yeah! I guess you didn’t see it coming.

Infinix finally got her first smart TV out for the market. Before now, it was clear that Infinix had that in mind already. We are in the era of smart TV, so every smartphone maker got to be part of the season.

For a start, Infinix is rolling out the S1 which is available in two different sizes: 43inch & 55inch. When unboxing in Nigeria, you are quick to notice how light this is. Not to talk about the whole bunch of features that is in-house. We are about to look into that.

Infinix S1 Smart Tv Key features

Smart TV
Hotspot screen Mirroring
Infinix Life App
Frameless design
4k HDR
2*10W full range speakers

Infinix S1 Smart Tv Price in Nigeria

The Infinix S1 Smart Tv comes in two variants 43inch and 55inch. The prices of both starts at 93,900 and 152,000 naira respectively. The default color is black.

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Infinix S1 Smart Tv Top features

Elegant design

Just like many other Smart TVs, the Infinix S1 Smart TV has an elegant design with exquisite craftsmanship. This is indeed a standalone piece of Tech with a frameless design that allows for immersive and wide viewing.

You are quick to notice how slim and lightweight this is. To allow for more flexibility, Infinix is giving you the freedom to either make use of the stand you will find in the box or mount it on the wall.


As expected, the Infinix S1 being a Smart TV has Smartphone and TV intelligent interaction which gives you a new seamless way to enjoy media in Nigeria.

There is even an Infinix Life App designed to delivers a fully-featured immersive experience with the Infinix S1 Smart TV. You get to enjoy this app via your smartphone.

Hotspot Screen Mirroring

With just an easy click, you can mirror your smartphone to the TV screen of the Infinix S1 Smart TV via your mobile hotspot without consuming the mobile data.

Air Mouse

The Infinix S1 Smart TV has this feature called air mouse which helps you connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi/hotspot to enable it play the role of an air cursor pointer.

Remote control

The traditional remote you are expecting as soon as you unbox is present her. It comes straight out of the box with a minimalist design that looks very sleek and has a smooth feel that is very comfortable in your hand.


If by any means you can’t find the remote of this TV, your Infinix smartphone can quickly replace that. This can only be possible via the Infinix Life App which gives you access to volume adjustment, App chose among other features.

Bluetooth 4.0

The Infinix S1 Smart TV is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and a variety of entertainment upgrades that helps you connects easily with Bluetooth speakers, earphones and game controllers.

Wide Voltage Range Design

As we all know in Nigeria, power can be very unstable, the same goes for voltage. When Voltage input becomes unstable, above 90V or below 264V, the Infinix S1 Smart TV will operate flawlessly without malfunctioning or damaging the TV.

Final Thoughts

Infinix have endured the heat for a very long time, they have presented a good image for their brand in Nigeria. What we thought will be trash ended up becoming relevant.

Little wonder Infinix decided to venture into TV manufacturing, this is no surprise. With the Infinix S1 becoming the brand’s first TV, there is more to expect in subsequent years. It doesn’t have it all but for the price it is selling at in Nigeria, i will say it is fair.

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  1. In terms of pricing, the 43-inch Infinix Smart TV S1 price in Nigeria is around N93,000 while the price for the 55- inch Infinix Smart TV S1 price in Nigeria goes for about N152,000 on Xpark Nigeria online store. At the time of writing this article, shipping is free for both TVs while the store is giving a N5,000 discount coupon. The Infinix Smart TV S1 is available in all major electronic shops across the country.

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