Huawei MateBook X 2020 – Webcam or Bezels


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It is hard not to talk about the Huawei MateBook X 2020 in this new era of styling. A powerful laptop that is by every means identical to the MacBook. Pretty solid and standard but also pricey if you ask me.

For the most part, if you are spending close to $2000 on a laptop like this, it better be good. That is the first thing that will run into your mind the moment you make a purchasing decision to buy the Huawei MateBook X 2020 in Nigeria.

Let’s keep money aside for a moment and talk about the magnificent features that are right inside the Huawei MateBook X 2020 in Nigeria. That, we will do shortly.

Key features

Dimension: 284.4 x 206.7 x 13.6mm

RAM: 16GB LPDDR3(2,133MHz)

Storage: 512GB SSD

Screen: 13inch 2k touch panel

Ports: 2 x USB-C, combi audio jack

Weight: 2.2 pounds (1Kg)

CPU: 1.6GHz Intel Core i5

Graphics: Intel UHD graphics

Huawei MateBook X 2020 price in Nigeria

The Huawei MateBook X price begins at 1,099 euros, that is if you are in the UK. The price is about the same in Nigeria. To make it look more exclusive is it available in two color options: Silver frost and emerald green. So pick one and unbox.


The design of the Huawei MateBook X 2020 is a clear definition of money speaking. If you want more, pay more. That is what the culture is on this very laptop in Nigeria. If there is any best word I can use to design this very laptop, “superb” should be it.

The lightweight is also another big take away. Only 1kg, Huawei kind of took it further from where Apple stopped but we really don’t know if everyone is going to care about the design so much in Nigeria.

What about the bezels, chill for a moment and admire this thing, it’s the reason the webcam took a different route. The Huawei MateBook X 2020 kind of opens the doors of extremely thin bezels around the display.

Trust me, there is no how a person will see this and not be drawn towards it in Nigeria. But it came with a price that will take some time to heal, you better be prepared to deal with the new webcam position if you are buying one in Nigeria.


The moment you open up the Huawei MateBook X 2020 you will appreciate the 13inch screen with world-class bezels around her horizon. The display is “fire”, it has a 2K 3000 x 2000p resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio.

The contrast ratio sits at 1,500:1 and the maximum brightness is 450nits. Little wonder the image quality is just as good. The display comes with a light sensor that lets you adjust the screen brightness in Nigeria.


We had to reserve a special subheading for the webcam. That’s because it’s a serious thing here. To begin, there is only a simple way to turn this on. Just look closely at your function keys and you will find it in-between the F6 and F7 keys.

It has the identity of a camera logo. Press it and the camera will pop-up. That’s it. At good as this concept seems I personally feel it’s just not serving its purpose. I only wish it’s in her normal position at the very top.

Battery life

With the power button acting as a fingerprint scanner, security is never an issue here. That’s just the beginning of a safe welcome experience until you get a feel of the incredible battery life.

On a good day with a pretty solid workload, the Huawei MateBook X can last for 9 hours. If you don’t do much, the full day is yours in Nigeria. For charging, it takes about an hour to charge from 0 – 100%.

Huawei smartphone owners in Nigeria can also use the Huawei MateBook X 2020 to wirelessly connect with their smartphones via an NFC chip that is placed inside the body of the laptop. That’s a win-win situation for Huawei fans.


The Huawei MateBook X 2020 has an incredible performance, navigating around on the windows 10 environment feels very fast and responsive. We are really not surprised about this in Nigeria. The 10th gen intel processor played a big role here.

Keep it in mind that the Huawei MateBook X 2020 has a fanless design so things can start to throttle when you do a lot of intensive tasks in Nigeria. This is not just a MateBook issue, it’s a general thing with laptops with fanless design. So please, do not overwork it.

Final Thoughts

When we talk about advancement we definitely have to talk about money too. From a distance, the Huawei MateBook X 2020 is there to admire. This is very slim, light, and beautiful. I ain’t gonna lie.

However, there are two major factors to iron out here: price and webcam.

The webcam looks good in terms of an experiment but the user experience is just not it for everyone. It is not as if the quality is bad but the positioning is on a different league.

The price is way expensive for the market, even the MacBook is no match, this might scare a lot of people in Nigeria. But if you are willing to pay that price, it better be worth it.

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