Honda urban EV concept expected design and features

Electric vehicles are taking over these days especially now that Honda have decided to join the trend. Honda revealed her first plan for electric vehicle at the Geneva motor show in 2017 this year. This time, they showed up at the first big auto show in 2017 (frankfurt) with an electric concept no one had ever imagine, they called it the ” Honda urban EV concept “.

The Honda urban EV concept is a first-generation civic look kind of vehicle which has a round LED headlight at the front with a square shaped brakelight at the back, an illuminating honda logo at the center with a notification display just be side the logo, light weight battery pack, an automated assistance, a high-density electric drive train and is 100mm shorter than the Honda jazz super mini in Nigeria.

What’s in the Design?

The design of the Honda urban EV concept look’s very simple, functional and is wanting to look very much like the mini copper in Nigeria. The design of the Honda urban EV concept in Nigeria features an electric door popper, a muscular rim, a transparent roof-top accompanied by a perfectly fit-in glass at the front and back of the honda urban EV concept and a pair of camera by the side of the doors which seem to have replaced the side mirrors. I personally Kinda like the whole design of this vehicle especially what Honda did with old and new trends. Honda kinda added both old and new concept to the Honda urban EV concept which would make you feel more like driving in the 70’s and feeling advanced at the same time.

What about the Inside?

The interior design of the Honda urban EV concept is the most intersting part of this car. The interior design of the Honda urban EV concept features a four passenger couch-like seats, an hairy looking carpet, a vertical screen display in front, a wooden dashboard and a little screen which is inside (around the door position) with a portion of it acting as the side mirror display. The interior design of the Honda urban EV concept doesn’t look much of a luxury in Nigeria, i am also beginning to wonder if Honda and other auto brand users in Nigeria would key into this vehicle when they arrive Nigeria considering their taste for luxury.

How about the performance?

The performance of the Honda urban EV concept is expected to be great considering it’s size. No functional system has been provided yet, production model is expected to commence in 2019 with Europe being the first destination. Honda cliams the production model would have a new feature dedicated to electric vehicles, Honda is also yet to disclose the full details about the Honda urban EV concept.

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