Bluesky: The New Twitter-like Platform Is Here


Last Updated on February 6, 2024 by TM

Bluesky, a social media platform like Twitter, is now open to everyone. It used to be in a testing phase where you needed an invitation to join. But now, anyone can sign up without waiting. This change is a big deal for Bluesky. It started as a project inside Twitter, but it’s now separate. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, used to be part of it, but now it’s on its own.

Bluesky is part of a trend where social media is not controlled by one company. Instead, it’s spread out, which means no one company has all the power. Some people think this is better than big companies like Facebook and TikTok controlling everything.

Jay Graber, the CEO of Bluesky, believes in this idea. He says social media should be open and not controlled by one company. Bluesky works like Twitter, where you can post messages and follow other people’s posts. You can also create different feeds to see specific types of posts.

Bluesky is still small compared to other social media platforms. It doesn’t have a feature for sending private messages yet. But many people who used to be popular on Twitter are now using Bluesky. They like it because it feels more relaxed than Twitter.

Bluesky uses its own special way of sharing information called the AT Protocol. Right now, Bluesky is the only one using it. But soon, other people can use it too. This means anyone can create their version of Bluesky.

Jay Graber says this protocol is like a door that’s always open for developers. This means developers can make different versions of Bluesky with their ideas.

Other social media platforms are also changing. Meta, the company that owns Facebook, has a new app called Threads. It’s similar to Bluesky but has more users. Meta is also trying to make Threads work with other platforms like Mastodon.

But Jay Graber thinks Meta’s approach is not the same as Bluesky’s. He says even if Threads connects to other platforms, it’s still owned by Meta. He believes Bluesky’s approach is better because it’s truly open and not controlled by one company.

In conclusion, Bluesky is a new social media platform that works like Twitter. It’s now open to everyone, and you don’t need an invitation to join. It’s different from big social media companies because it’s open and not controlled by one company. The CEO, Jay Graber, believes in this idea and thinks it’s better for everyone.

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