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Apple just rolled up a new titanium credit card for IOS users which does appears to be the first of it’s kind. Remember the Apple Pay we’ve been using already? Well, this is the continuation of it.

Since millions of people all over the world love and enjoy using the Apple Pay, Apple felt it was best to reinvent a little bit. They launched a new type of Credit Card and called it the Apple Card.

I guess we are all familiar with the way Apple likes to hype her new stuffs right? Well, this is no exceptions, so expect nothing less from her laser etched titanium Credit Card.

According to Apple, the Apple Card is not a bank, It is only a new kind of credit card that completely rethinks everything about the credit card. In fact, the Apple Card can do things no other credit card can do in Nigeria.

Wow! That’s a huge statement.

If I understand this correctly, it means that the Apple Card comes with a good number of distinctive features that sets it apart from other forms of credit cards in Nigeria right? We will get to find out shortly.

The Apple Card features

1. Unique Design

From her outlook you will first identify her unique nature. I so much love the simplistic nature of this Card. The Apple logo hanging at the top left corner looks so gorgeous and the name inscription underneath complements everything.

When you do some thorough examination of the Apple Card, you will notice the absence of physical virtual numbers that usually appear on most credit cards.

This will make you ask a simple question like this:

If there is no physical virtual number, how do I know the virtual number on my Apple Card?

To answer the above question, Apple responded this way:

“Mastercard is our global payment network, so you can use it all over the world. And for apps and websites that don’t take Apple Pay yet, there’s a virtual card number in the Wallet app that autofills for you when you’re using Safari.”

2. Wallet App

The Apple Card has a home inside your iPhone which is called the Wallet app. It is a must have Application that enables you to start enjoying the Apple pay & card.

The Wallet App does a great job of making cash available to cater for your monetary needs on a day to day basis. It also helps you to know more about your spending at a glance.

Let’s say you hanged out with lots of friends about four weeks ago and you really can’t recall where and where exactly you visited that period. Just go through this app, you will see them all.

The wallet app will even go as far as providing you with proof of evidence on a map and If you have questions all you need to do is text, you will receive a response. It’s that simple.

3. Discount Offers

Apple card has no hidden charges whatsoever. When you use the card, you get 1% cashback on everything, 2% cashback on apple pay and 3% cashback on anything you buy from Apple store.

So many cashback huh! But when do I start using them?

Answer: All this percentage discounts are given to you back as daily cash to spend the following day. It’s instantaneous, there is no delay at all. Isn’t that great?

Another good thing about this card is that it is the only Card that actually encourages you to pay little interest as compared to other types of credit cards In Nigeria.

Let me explain.

Assuming your Apple credit card amount for the month was $2,000, Apple makes it clear and simple. It will show you the interest rate that goes off when you pay a large chunk of the $2000 or even everything.

High-level Security

To ensure your safety, the Apple Card is designed to make sure you’re the only one that can use it. All the security features like Face ID, Touch ID and unique transaction codes on Apple Pay are built-in here.

Apple primary reason for removing the physical card number was to guarantee a new level of security. Since people can’t see your physical card number at first sight, it become very difficult to spend in your absence.

Getting Started

To get started, you have to apply first but before you think about Applying for the Apple Card in the first place, there is something I need to tell you: The Apple Card can only work with iPhone X and every other iPhone above it.

Only those living in the United States who are at least 18 years and above are eligible to apply now.

IOS users in other countries can apply on a later date. For those living in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. You also have to exercise some patience.
I will do my best to update and notify you when the application starts in Africa.

Activating the Apple Card

After successful Application and delivery, the next thing is to activate right?
To activate, just use the top of your IPhone to slide through the bottom of the Apple card. 

You will see an app that will pop-up in just a portion of the screen, click activate to integrate it with your wallet app and you are good to go.

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