Apple’s 1st AirPods Max Goes Official!


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Another good news to share with everyone. Apple first pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones with the official apple logo is out. The rumors are finally over.

So it is true that Apple have been working on an AirPods Max. It is very clear that not everyone wants the buds to do it all in Nigeria. Some persons still prefer to hear the audio differently.

Apple’s continuous effort to being different even when they are not the pioneer of every new product present to you an AirPods Max with high-fidelity audio, Adaptive EQ, Active noise cancellation, and spatial audio.

Just like Apple would say, the AirPods Max is an innovative wireless headphones that brings the magic of AirPods to an over-ear design with high-fidelity sound. You should probably be thinking of buying one in Nigeria. Don’t you think so?

Apple AirPods Max Price in Nigeria

The AirPods Max price begins at $549(US), click the link below to findout price in Nigeria. It is available in online and offline stores nationwide. It comes in dark gray, silver, blue, green, and pink color options.

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The Apple AirPods Max comes with a custom acoustic design. You can feel the sensation right from the canopy to the ear cushions, every part of this headphone is carefully crafted to provide exceptional acoustic performance for every user in Nigeria.

The breathable knit mesh canopy, spanning the headband, is made to distribute weight and reduce on-head pressure. Wow! You can say that again. But that’s not all.

The Apple AirPods Max also comes with a stainless steel headband frame that provides strength, flexibility, and comfort for a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. So irrespective of the size of your head in Nigeria, this headphone will fit in.

The design feature won’t be complete if we don’t talk about the digital crown that offers precise volume control and the ability to play or pause audio, skip tracks, answer or end phone calls, and activate Siri.

Audio Experience

The audio quality here is superb, I kind of have a very strong feeling that the H1 chip in each ear cup together with the custom acoustic design, and advanced software played a strong role in the audio department.

The AirPods Max does feature a 40-mm Apple-designed dynamic driver that provides rich, deep bass, accurate mid-ranges with clean high-frequency extension.

The computational audio powers a breakthrough listening experience in Nigeria that includes Adaptive EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, and spatial audio.

Battery & Performance

AirPods Max features great battery life. According to Apple,  you get up to 20 hours of high-fidelity audio, talk time, or movie playback with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled. If you are buying one in Nigeria, you probably should keep that in mind.

There also an add-up too, the AirPods Max comes with a soft, slim smart case that puts the AirPods Max in an ultralow-power state. This helps to preserve the battery charge when not in use in Nigeria.

Let’s also not forget the magical setup experience and the unparallel wireless audio this headphone delivers. The coolest thing about this headphone is her flexible nature. Once in play, the Apple AirPods Max automatically pauses when it is off your head. Even a single lift of one ear cup will achieve the same.

More Features…

The Apple AirPods Max does have additional features which includes:

  • Automatic switching:

    This allows you to seamlessly move sound between any Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This is what I mean, let’s say you are in Nigeria playing music on MacBook and a call comes in on your iPhone, the AirPods Max will automatically switch over with easy adaption.

  • Audio Sharing:

    The AirPods Max also makes it possible to easily share an audio stream between two sets of AirPods on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple 4K TV.  All you have to do is bring the AirPods Max near the device and connect with a single tap.

  • Siri: 

    Our friendly Siri is available here too. As expected, it comes with extra power capabilities that include the ability to play music, make phone calls, control the volume, get directions, and lots more. Siri can also read incoming messages and announce messages for you in Nigeria too.

Final Thoughts

Who whats to buy the AirPods Max? That’s a big question if you ask me. Apple is fun of throwing incredible features on their brand new piece of Tech especially her first which is awesome and game-changing too. Well, we kind of saw it all here.

At the price it is selling at in Nigeria, it better be good. The optimum experience with voice calls and Siri commands are crisp and clear due to beam-forming microphones that block out ambient noise and focus on the user’s voice. There is actually more to expect.


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