Airtel 4G MiFi – A Remote Work Essential Tool

Coronavirus got everyone indoors, we have been advised to maintain health hygiene, use sanitizers to wash our hands regularly and keep social distance to prevent further spread of the virus.😷

As a result of this, some organizations cannot continue working. Cities all over the world have experience significant changes in the way we humans do things. Hence, the need to work remotely becomes inevitable.

With me here is the Airtel 4G MiFi router, one of the most vital tool needed to work from home. If you work in the Tech industry, this is more than important at the moment.

What about those working outside of Tech in Nigeria? The answer to the above question is straight and simple, we all need the Airtel 4G MiFi to help you with your day especially now that it is very affordable.

Key features

- 4G LTE Router with Wi-Fi
- Single Sim-Slot
- One Micro SD slot
- Micro USC Port & Cable
- Support Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
- Long lasting 3000mAh battery
- Up to 8 hours battery life.
- Comes with 25GB data free valid for 30days.
- MiFi now includes WPS push button for ease of connection.
- Support Multiple Users at the same time
- Connects up to 10 WiFi enabled devices at once.
- Able to connect with Tablet PC, Notebook and any other types of Wi-Fi Devices.

Availability & Price

In Nigeria, the Airtel 4G MiFi Hotspot Router comes in white and black colors but the white is viral. When it comes to price, this router is among the cheapest in Nigeria.

The Airtel 4G MiFi is available in Airtel offices/services centers across Nigeria. Her price starts at N9,999 naira. It can also be bought in online stores.

see lowest price

If you are buying from an Airtel service center, please tell them to help configure it for you. However, if you are Tech savvy, you may want to configure it yourself.

Highlight of the Airtel 4G MiFi Hotspot

This connectable device comes with a very easy to carry body that can fit in conveniently inside your pocket. On the body, you will find a power button at the top, a WPS button and Micro USB port at the bottom.

There is also a display at the center that shows you the signal strength of cellular, network type, signal strength of Wi-Fi, message sign, number of messages, battery power, name of the Network Service Provider, number of Users and Traffic statistics.

Inside the box, the Airtel 4G MiFi comes with a micro USB cable, a 3000mAh removable battery and a user guide that properly explains everything you need to know about this portable device. Please ensure you read.

Airtel 4G MiFi Data plan and bundles in Nigeria

Price: N5,000
Data Allowance: 15GB
Validity: 30days
USSD: *370# on your smartphone
URL: when connected to the MiFi

Price: N10,000
Data Allowance: 40GB
Validity: 30days
USSD: *370# on your smartphone
URL: when connected to the MiFi

Price: N15,000
Data Allowance: 75GB
Validity: 30days
USSD: *370# on your smartphone
URL: when connected to the MiFi

Price: N20,000
Data Allowance: 110GB
Validity: 30days
USSD: *370# on your smartphone
URL: when connected to the MiFi

Airtel 4G MiFi Data Ultra Plans

Price: N10,000
Data Volume: 40GB + 250MB daily upon exhausting main bundle
Validity Days: 30days

Price: N15,000
Data Volume: 75GB + 500MB daily upon exhausting main bundle
Validity Days: 30days

Price: N20,000
Data Volume: 120GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting main bundle
Validity Days: 30days

My Thoughts

I guess you are wondering why I exclusively decided to talk about Airtel 4G MiFi Hotspot first, what about the one from MTN, Glo and even Huawei universal 4G MiFi. They all are good but there is a reason I chose this one.

Well, the reason is not far fetch, the Airtel 4G MiFi cost less than the competition and surprisingly has an outstanding record of maintaining a high delivery rate  when it comes to performance in Nigeria.

I use it to work at home, my impressions so far are positive. I so much love the fact that it has a display to work with as this is the second generation of Airtel 4G MiFi Hotspot router in Nigeria.

When you buy one, you get free 25GB to browse the first month. Check how much airtel 25GB data cost in 30days. Do your math and spot the difference. Now tell me, isn’t it a good value for your money?

23 thoughts on “Airtel 4G MiFi – A Remote Work Essential Tool”

  1. Thanks for the info. I recently ordered for one actually via Konga online and it didn’t come with any free data. Even when I tried subscribing to some data, the exhaustion rate was quite high like 200-250mb per click. What would you advice I do to have it function.

    1. The complusory sim registration imposed by the Federal Government of Nigeria prevents Airtel and all other telecom operator in Nigeria from registering any new SIM, so you can’t enjoy the free data for now.

      You can only enjoy the free data when FG permit new SIM card issuing and registration, only then can you visit any Airtel main office in your city and request for your free data.

      The high data consumption you are experiencing is as a result of some preinstalled softwares automatically updating on your PC.You can turn them off in order to minimize data consumption.

      What you need to turn off
      1. If you are using windows, there are pictures displayed on the start page, right-click on them and select “turn live title off”

      2. Your window update settings should be removed from automatic update, select the option that allow you update it with you permission.

      Hope these help. Let me know if you need anything cheers! 😊

    2. hi, i got mine at on broad street Promo saes, came with supposed 5GB. believe me i cant say how many minute the 5Gb lasted, used on my android , though a bit on pc, no downloads apart from fact that lot of automatic downloads seems to be queuing on my phone due to wifi absence. i tried buying 1500N which gave me 3GB and on mobile only. just in the morning and was swept off ta same morning. just wondering wondering if this usage is sustainable .

    1. Yes. However, you can unlock it to enable it work for other SIMs but it’s not recommended though

    1. On purchase, you get free internet data and double data on all monthly subscription for 3 months.Airtel always say 6 months but it’s actually 3 months

  2. Hello thanks for the info, I use cyberspace but recently I have heard from 2 colleagues about the performance of these mifi devices from the telecos. I’m trying to recommend one to my brother living on the mainland (Lagos mainland), which of the networks’ mifi would you recommend sir? Thanks once more for your time.

  3. It seems Airtel knowingly heightens the rate of data consumption even on android. It consumes data more than other networks as per my experience. They should try to adjust to encourage their customers.

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