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Times are changing, the future is getting brighter and the whole earbud concept is getting more interesting with the new generation Airpod Pro that Apple recently unveil for 2019.

Of course, we know that this new Airpod Pro will stay with us all through the coming year at least before the next Airpod Pro gets released so it’s best we find out what this earbuds is capable of.

We also need to find out if the Airpod Pro is something we can use talk more of buying particularly here in Nigeria where there are tons of cheap earbuds around.

Availability & Price

The Apple Airpod Pro comes in glossy white color and cost $250, click the button below to check price in Nigeria.

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Apple Airpod Pro Top Features

Here are the top new features of the Apple Airpod Pro


As expected, the Airpod Pro comes with a new design that is white and looks smaller than the previous gen. It comes with a soft flexible silicone rubber tip that can make it stick firm in your ear irrespective of the size.

I must confess, this is the first time we are seeing a rubber tip on the Airpod. I guess Apple now believe in the power tips on earbuds especially now that they want us to stop using our headphones in Nigeria.

One good thing about this rubber tip is the different range of size it is coming in. O yeah! Apple Knowing very well that everyone have different ear size decided to drop a small, medium and large sized silicone rubber tip inside the box.

The need for this was to ensure that every single user including those residing in Nigeria get a comfortable ear-fit and also enjoy a full audio experience of what it’s like to use an Airpod Pro as your daily commute.


To start with, the Airpod Pro comes with a powerful H1 chip that powers everything from sound to Siri. The H1 chip pairs easily with your smartphone and educate you on how to use the Airpods Pro.

On the Airpods Pro, you will find two vents that lets you equalize pressure. One inward, the other outward. We sure know that they are microphones. They both compliment the glossy white color of the Airpod Pro.

Aside compliment, they play a major role in providing an immerse sound experience with active noise cancellation which is more important than anything else.

You can use the microphone for Active noise cancellation and immersive sound. There is also a transparency mode to enable you hear what is happening around you.

Apple is so kin to this noise cancellation thing that they had to enable continuous adjustments at 200 times per second for truly immersive sound, simply press and hold the force sensor to begin.

That not all, the force sensor can also be used to easily control music, calls and even switch between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode by pressing and holding the force sensor on the stem.

You will also enjoy the Adaptive EQ that adjust and prepares a music sound that can fit the shape of your ear so that you can enjoy a rich and consistent listening experience. There is also a powerful bass and amplifier.

The amplifier powers the speaker driver to remove background noise and work with H1 chip to control listening levels. This will enable the Amplifier to produce pure and incredible sound while also extending battery life.


Charge wirelessly with the wireless charging case that the Airpod Pro comes with and enjoy more than 24 hours of listening time with multiple additional charges in the case.

The Apple Airpod Pro is compactable with Qi-certified chargers to ensure better charging experience. You get up to 4 hours of listening time on a single charge.

You will also enjoy approximately 1 hour of listening time on only 5 min of charging. This is much better than previous Airpods, at least we don’t have to charge all the time in Nigeria.

User Experience

The User experience on the Airpods Pro is awesome, you will be amazed to see how brilliant the Airpod Pro pairs so easily with your IPhone or Apple Watch in just a few seconds.

If you need assistance, you can call on Siri to read out messages, control your music, calls, volume and also enlighten you more on how to use the Airpod Pro without lifting a finger.

The Apple Airpod Pro let’s you share audio files between two sets of Airpods in Nigeria. If you want to get a better view of the Airpods Pro simply opening your safari browser and switch to AR.

My Thoughts

Apple have succeeded in presenting an Airpod Pro to us. The features are no doubt remarkable especially the active noise cancellation they have decided to level up this time.

The audio sound quality have also been improved upon. The soft flexible silicone rubber tip on this Airpod Pro play a major role plus the size that is smaller and very portable than previous gen. You should buy one🤗

But don’t forget to put it inside the case.
Apple didn’t offer the black color option majority of us would have love to see even though we know pretty well that black can be hard to find when missing. Maybe next time.

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