5G On the Way – The Dream is Here!

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As 2020 draws near, many telecommunication companies are seriously working towards achieving this ground breaking 5th Generation Connectivity called 5G.If you reside in the U.S, you probably would have heard about T.Mobile plan to launch a lower version of 5G with the intention of switching over to a mid-range and finally the real dream as time proceeds.

Nigeria is however not left behind as MTN are already working towards making our 2020 a blast. As at November, 2019. NCC officially gave MTN 3 months to test 5G Network in some selected cities across Nigeria.

To start with, a demo was held in November, 2019 to enable people come over and see things for themselves in Abuja. Some amazing Tech YouTuber like Fisayo Fosudo and MissTechy were there to test the speed.

What was their impressions?

They couldn’t help but appreciate the fast speed available on the MTN 5G in Nigeria. According to MissTechy she like: “Guy! I can’t wait for this thing to ball out y’all.”

Fisayo also gat something to say: “The speed of 5G was crazy fast. From the test in Calabar that was recorded, the speed was approaching 2GB per second, this simply means a 1GB file will download in 4 Seconds.”

Can you imagine!

I think it is high time you start dreaming of the next 5G smartphone to buy in Nigeria. But before we proceed, let me ask you a question, do you really know what 5G is all about.

Yes! we know 5G is really fast when it comes to browsing, streaming and downloads. But tell me, if I may ask you, what else to you know about 5G?
Let’s Talk.

What is 5G?

We are about to find out.
5G is the fifth generation of wireless data network. It has high improvement on downloads, web surfing and streaming is amazingly fast.

With 5G, cars will talk to each other, there will also be high improvement in autonomous (self driving) vehicles and cars will become safer for other road users.
5G will also help improve the health sector.

AR and VR will also experience some phase lift with 5G. There are also many other fields that 5G Will change a lot.

5G Key Components

5G is centered around 3 main components. As I identify these key components, I am going to be comparing 5G with 4G to enable you get a better understanding of the kind of transformation that is happening here.

Let’s ride;

1. High Bandwidth: 5G can handle up to 1,000MB per second as against 200MB per second that is available on 4G.

2. Low Latency: This has to do with the response rate you receive browsing or streaming videos. E.g when you click through a link, how many seconds does it takes to open up.

With 4G, this usually take up to 100 milliseconds to process on a good day. 5G is however much better. It process really quick at 1 millisecond which is way fast.

3. Dense Connection: in a particular square kilometer, 5G can connect to 10 devices at the same time. Again, this is far beyond the reach of 4G as it can only connect to 1 device at a time.

How does 5G works?

5G makes use of a new radio technology that uses some radio frequency in a sub 6 band that runs from 600MHz to 6GHz.
5G will make use of a higher band of latency from 24GHz to 86GHz with higher data rate.

5G follows the inverse square law. According to Techtarget. “The inverse-square law is a principle that expresses the way radiant energy propagates through space. The rule states that the power intensity per unit area from a point source, if the rays strike the surface at a right angle, varies inversely according to the square of the distance from the source.”
That is for the science guys who want to learn a little more anyway.

Wrap up

I am sure you have at learned something about 5G. From what we can see here, 5G is gonna change a lot of things.

Finally, we are gradually getting to our dream of one day living in a smart city. Yes! That will one day happen in Nigeria.

I am more than happy to see finally MTN making a move towards making 5G become a reality in Nigeria. I believe with time other telecommunication companies will follow.

Is Nigeria really ready for 5G? This is what everyone have been asking ever since the demo. For some, we are not done with 4G and 5G is already coming.

What’s your impression on 5G in Nigeria. Is this the best time to experience this in Nigeria? Or should we wait a little.

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