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Dear friends, I present to you The 2019 IPad, our most affordable brand new IPad for the year 2019. This device, in case you haven’t heard is 2X more powerful than an average computer.

The 2019 iPad combines the power and capability of a computer with the ease of use and versatility coupled with the new capacity of the IPadOS that you are definitely going to love.

So if you have been thinking about buying a laptop in Nigeria, I advise you to reconsider your plan. I strongly suggest you finish up this Review before proceeding with a step further.

For those residing in Nigeria who have been so much in love with the IPad but haven’t got the opportunity to buy one yet as a result of insufficient funds can now buy one at an affordable rate.

Key features

• 10.2” Retina display
• A12 Bionic chip
• Touch ID
• Up to 128GB storage
• Support for Apple Pencil
(1st generation)
• Support for Smart Keyboard

Availability & Price

The 2019 IPad is available now in Nigeria and anywhere elsewhere, that includes neighboring countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Benin, Togo and the likes.

Asking about the price? The 2019 IPad comes in two versions. The first has 32GB, its price starts at $329 while the second comes with 128GB of storage, it’s price starts at $429.

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Apple did a fantastic job on the design of the 2019 IPad. They presented a thin, Light and durable design that is made from 100% recycled aluminum.

It has some huge bezels around the display especially at the top and bottom. That was necessary to enable you comfortably grab the IPad.

It weighs about 1 pound. This makes the 2019 IPad very easy to handle in Nigeria. According to Apple, the 2019 IPad is designed to go where your life goes. 😊

There is also a fast Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity on the 2019 IPad. You can also take advantage of her stunning audio system and listen to your favorite music via the stereo speakers.


On the 2019 IPad is a 10.2 inch large retina display with incredible detail and vivid colors that is good for watching movies, working on a project and drawing.

You can also do Augmented reality using the large retina display in combination with some advanced sensors and camera on this very IPad to enable you play, shop, and learn.

Camera & Battery Life

The 2019 IPad comes with a built-in FaceTime HD camera that let’s you take a photo and edit immediately. You can also add fun effects, apply filters and crop or rotate Instanenously.

That is for the front, At the back, there is an 8MP camera that allows you to snap amazing photos, shoot epic videos, scan documents, make FaceTime calls, and experience AR in her true form.

When it comes to battery, the 2019 IPad is sure to last for a reasonable amount of time. You are guaranteed of all-day 10 hours battery life on a single charge.

Software & Performance

Apple specially developed the IPadOS for the IPad this year. The IPadOS comes with some user friendly features and gestures that let you do some powerful things on this device.

On the IPadOS there is intuitive multitasking, new Home screen and desktop-class browsing to make the 2019 IPad more powerful, fun and productive to use.

The IPadOS also gives you the leverage to use multiple Apps at the same time. But that won’t be possible if there is no powerful chip on board to handle the whole process.

Inside this wonderful device is an A10 fusion chip that runs smoothly even when playing Apple Arcade games on the 2019 IPad. For those of you who Arcade games are, let me explain.

The Apple Arcade games is sort of like a game subscription service with over 100 exciting and fun new games to play. Apple also did a nice job by allowing you to pair the 2019 IPad with a PS4 or Xbox controller.

When it comes to Apps, there are over 1 million Apps available to test on this new IPad. Just have it in mind that whatever it is that you are interested in, you’ll find an app for it.

In here, you will discover a lot of vital and essential Apps like Microsoft PowerPoint, kitchen stories, the garden between, flow by moleskine, Adobe fresco and JFK moonshot.

Extra features

Yes, the 2019 IPad have voice control and Touch ID that let’s you unlock and make payment with your fingerprint.

This is a unique feature many will find helpful especially those who make regular payments online, instead of entering your details all the time, only a tap is enough to verify everything.

Apple pencil have also been Integrated here too. It comes with so much capability. You can create, draw, paint and sketch with the pencil.

The pencil was specifically designed to feel intuitive and let you draw with pixel perfect precision.

The 2019 IPad now comes with Apple TV app that enables you to access Apple new steaming service featuring Original shows and movies across all genres.

My Thoughts

Apple have truly shown the world how possible it is to produce an affordable IPad without sacrificing much. The 2019 IPad is bigger than I thought. Affordable, Yes but super.

This is what I call value for money. Apple really want us to buy the 2019 IPad, that is why they showed us a smart keyboard and pencil that is sold separately.

These two accessories makes the 2019 IPad feel a little more like a pro machine rather than a regular slate in Nigeria. You can buy them for a complete set up and unlock more features with ease.

In conclusion, the 2019 IPad is no doubt the perfect slate for students and every other person in need of a budget friendly powerful device in Nigeria. It is also a good substitute for a laptop.

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